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There seems to be a psychic on every corner nowadays. Like everyone I see a new psychic business Facebook page, business card, psychic reader advertising locally and all the rest it entails all the time now.  Do I think it’s good?  Yes, I think it shows that we as humans on Earth are coming to a higher awareness and awakening. Some people call this the “ascension.” 

Things are rapidly changing. The world is shifting, and it’s shifting very quickly.  We find ourselves in a situation where the clear distinction of people who are truly psychic and open is becoming more and more obvious by the day. On a spiritual and metaphysical level, the energies on the planet have never been so intense. They have also never been so polarized or so clear cut. People say the ‘veil’ is getting thinner between the our dimension and higher ones and I agree.

As a professional psychic and medium, this global awakening makes me happy beyond words. Yet as with all rapid growth there are downfalls or issues that arise.

The first issue is, are most of these people who call themselves professional psychics and mediums now really as genuine, effective and advanced as they feel they are? This is not a harsh judgment call but an honest question.

Professional psychics and mediums don’t have to get an advanced collegiate “psychic” degree or schooling to be very good at what they do. There is no official Psychic Accreditation Board in the world governing anyone offering psychic or healing services like a real US college or University will get accreditation from with verifiable quality and standards.

I know people that have taken a few classes to structured Psychic/Clairvoyant programs and are told, “you’re ready to be a professional psychic now” whether they really are or not.

​This can happen because it feeds the teachers or mentors ego to feel they are so good that all those who work with them will evolve into a great psychic or medium; their ego overrides the reality of the situation. Sometimes it is because of money; people pay for classes and the psychic/mentor/school relies on this income.

A certificate, or even a ‘certification’ that’s trademarked, and any ‘degree’ from any famous psychic, or psychic or mediumship school is solely based on the teacher’s or schools perspective and beliefs of what it is to be a “real” psychic or medium. It is not a real standard. It does not have the same standards that a US college or University does with verifiable and quantifiable standands for accrediation.

All new knowledge that we obtain adds real value to our own personal growth, so in that aspect psychic education has great value. Yet any psychic-related certification, diploma, or ‘degree’ is simply something the person paid for with no actual evidence of the level of their intuitive abilities, ethics, or real legitimacy in the scope of the professional psychic world.

Working with a psychic or medium will be your only evidence as to how good they are.

Some sincere psychics will open up and really connect with others intuitively very quickly, others may do it for many years and never get to the level of openness and accuracy that someone doing it one year will be at.

There is a huge real-life learning curve to doing actual professional readings with paying clients.

For example, the ability to never inject your own personal, spiritual or religious beliefs into a reading. You must stay a clear channel of information to be accurate. How to stay grounded and keep your ego, and need for validation or approval out of your psychic business.

Also, how to deal with a distraught client effectively and objectively, different reactions to intuitive information, and how much to charge. You must know your own value and understand it is an energy exchange. Never sell yourself short.

Other psychics that were your ‘friend’ will reject you once you start doing well, (that happens more than you think). How to keep set time limits in sessions, and when to tell if someone is getting dependent and setting a clear boundary to be ethical. The list goes on and on.

An intuitive person can do some reading for others and get a few validations, then immediately want to become a professional paid psychic without taking the time to learn more about their gifts and abilities.

Someone in a hurry for their next adventure, or for money, or to feel special, may want to bypass the actual effort and time it takes at first to learn the varied real-life experiences of how to relate to, help and deal with clients professionally and ethically during readings.

​You never stop learning when you do readings. But please have a solid foundation first of having done dozens of accurate and effective readings before charging money. This not only benefits you, but more importantly your clients.

My point is simple. You will only become as well-known, financially prosperous and effective as a professional psychic/medium as is aligned with what on a Soul-level is in most beneficial for you to experience in this lifetime.

Not what someone you are paying will tell you, or even people who care about you, but what’s actually part of your Soul’s desired experience, and highest good in this lifetime. You could win the lottery and spend $30,000 on advertising, your own store and all the rest, but you may be wasting your money. There is nothing wrong with that. Embrace whatever it is you really want to do with your life.

It’s not a competition or a popularity contest when you’re a professional psychic or medium. It is a gift to help others, all ego aside.

It may sound fun, important, or a way to make a lot of money to be a practising psychic, but your Soul will only truly light up the most when you find some what truly resonates wth you. You will be guided to do what is in your highest good in this life. Not what your ego desires.

There is great worth to do readings for others if you feel you do well intuitively getting information and sincerely help another person get to a better place. Even if this is for people in and around your inner circle, or once a month at a New Age store.

​You decide your own value as an intuitive and true level of psychic abilities, no one else can.

The most important thing as a psychic to me is to accept and understand that you are the messenger of the intuitive information only to help another Soul.

Being a professional psychic, medium, or healer is not to make you feel important or have control over others, nor to get rich or famous. If a by-product of following your true path is fame or money then good for you sincerely. Yet you may be in for some disappointing and painful experiences if you are pushing what is not best for you or others.

I have seen many times that people will start out doing great professionally, and then the desire for fame, fortune, or narcissism turns it into something self-serving and harmful to some clients. Nothing good comes out of it out over time for the psychic medium, or their clients.

Being highly intuitive is about good intentions and positive energy. It is about helping others. Having the ability to be a professional psychic is wonderful and fulfilling. I cherish and respect it.

We are going to soar above our wildest dreams, and also take it on the chin once in a while to get perspective just like everything in life.

You alone decide if you are honestly ready to read for others professionally or not, but more importantly what your true motivation is. Enjoy your beautiful intuitive journey wherever it may lead you.

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I am a psychic medium and Akashic Record Reader who works with clients all over the US and internationally. 



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