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How to Center and Ground Yourself Effectively



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​How do we center and ground ourselves? How do we do this as empath’s especially?

Being “centered” means having a reference point, a place to come back to when life, emotions and stress push you off balance.

Being centered is that kind of dynamic balance point. It doesn’t mean we are always there, it means we always know where to go back to. Being centered is feeling connected to yourself, and being aware of yourself positively and peacefully when you get temporarily lost.

Being “grounded” means that you’re wholly present in your own body, and connected with the Earth, allowing you to feel centered and balanced no matter what’s going on around you.

An empath is someone who is hypersensitive to other people’s energy and emotions. So naturally it’s easy for an empath to feel not centered or grounded when there is a lot of stuff going on around them.

As an empath, a ‘centering’ tool you can try is try is to turn off your empathy when you are being bounced by someone or taking on their emotions. Train yourself to be more positively self-focused all the time. Try to be in the moment and aware of how you actually feel, separating yourself from someone else’s energy and emotions. This is a mental state where you are profoundly aware of yourself and your own feelings; where the inner state is louder and speaks to you more clearly than what is going on around you. Focus positively on yourself, not what is going on around you.

This means that no matter what is going on, we stay balanced, centered and aligned with our Soul and higher self and we are better able to control our reactive, knee jerk, defensive behavioral patterns of our ego. We can get back to calmness inside of us no matter what is going on around us.

Every time we make even one simple decision at a time to help ourselves, this leads to staying centered, grounded and feeling good.

Some techniques that help us to stay centered and grounded:

  • Remember that you powerfully create your life by your choices and the actions you take. This is your “free will” in action. Always be honest, and 100% accountable for your actions and life
  • Consciously create a life that feels good
  • Trust yourself and your own instincts
  • Be gentle with yourself. Accept yourself as you are. Improve slowly what you feel you need to
  • Laughter and a positive attitude are key to staying centered
  • Don’t feed a negative situation or person by giving them your attention, energy or power. Walk away from anything that doesn’t feel good to you and don’t look back
  • Learn to connect with your Spirit Guides more for intuitive guidance
  • Let go of anything that you don’t have control over, which is everything outside of you
  • Let go completely of the past, and past mistakes and pain. Heal your wounds
  • Mentally give other people back their own negative emotions, issues and bouncy energy. Picture yourself mentally sending back someone else’s negative emotions and energy to them. Always try to use healthy boundaries when dealing with others
  • Clear out negative, dishonest and draining people from your life
  • Clean out your home and work environment. Get organized and simplify. Paint colors on the walls in your home that you love and are soothing. Some people find the color white clean and soothing, while others find soft warm or cool colors calming and peaceful
  • Stay connected to Nature, take long walks outdoors, walk barefoot in the grass
  • Clean up your diet and drink lots of water; the simple act of taking better care of ourselves is centering and grounding. Throw out junk food and expired food from your kitchen
  • Meditation, Yoga, Tai Chi and Qigong help greatly with staying centered
  • Find different ways to balance your own chakras
  • Learn more about energy healing modalities, or try Reiki with someone you make a good connection with
  • Practice a hobby or find a creative outlet
  • Get regular exercise each week
  • Create and maintain positive support systems. More is not better, find a few that work well
  • Research and learn about something new that interests you
  • Don’t do any street drugs including marijuana (except for physician-prescribed medical reasons), abuse Xanax or pain killers, or excessively drink alcohol. In reality, these altered states always take us farther away from being centered; it actually makes us more prone to depression and anxiety
  • Take a hot bath with some Epsom salts mixed into the water. Water is purifying
  • Some people like crystals and colorful stones to put in different rooms in their home
  • “Smudge” your home with white sage each month or at the beginning of a new season to clear it out of negative or stagnant energy. Open all the windows when you can
  • Limit your time on Social Media, the internet and texting. Interact with people, places and life face-to-face
  • Be responsible with your money.​ Start or add to a savings account. Financial issues often make us feel ungrounded and not centered
  • Practice moderation in everything you do​

Find things that help you build self-esteem and find inner peace. Know you are good enough and worthy exactly how you are. Enjoy your life.

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