The Akashic Records are a Divine energetic database that stores every human’s Soul history for every lifetime they have experienced. Imagine the Records like an energetic superhighway of information that resides outside of time and space as we know it. Some people see the Akashic Records as a 'Divine' vast library that holds the individual "book" of each person's Soul.

Every human has their own Akashic Record which contains every bit of information about you since you were created by Divine Source. It's the complete record of every lifetime you have ever lived, including this one. It includes every thought, action, decision, experience, relationship, Soul connection, and karmic experience that you have ever had.

The Akashic Records are on the highest level of unconditional love and healing in the Universe.

An Akashic Record reading reconnects you to who you are on a Soul-level. 

​We can clear any blocks, restrictions, energetic misalignments, negative karma, and much more affecting you now in an Akashic Record session when we have a conscious knowledge of it. When we find out the origin or root cause of any issue we are struggling with then we can consciously choose to clear it in our Akashic Record, then move forward taking new actions to get positive results instead of negative consequences.

​The information revealed gives you insight into the patterns that you’ve been working through in this life and how to have awareness, and then heal and release those patterns. It's called ‘clearing work’.

Clients always receive a huge amount of emotional healing during their Akashic Record reading

​The information from this profound dimension will come through to support, guide and balance you and your life. Details about any past lives may or may not come forward depending upon their relevance to your present situation. 

During your Reading we first look at the energetic qualities your unique Soul is made with, and how you best express yourself and experience this life.


Our Divine Energy Centers are one the most important aspects of our Divine Soul Blueprint. They are the energetic building blocks from which we were first created as a Soul.

There are 8 Energy Centers that exist within everyone's Divine Soul Blueprint. Some examples of a Divine Energy Center are "Divine Love", "Divine Power", "Divine Communication", "Divine Truth", plus 4 more. They are all beautiful; one is not better than the other.

When we positively express our primary and secondary Energy Centers in our life then we can most effectively create a satisfying and abundant life experience.

We will talk about your Soul’s Primary and Secondary Energy Centers at the beginning of your reading. ​

Our “SOUL PURPOSE” is simply to be who we truly are - to consciously create a life we love - to experience being a free, abundant Divine Being during our time here on Earth.

I’ve found that most people are almost completely shut out from their highest vibrations – and therefore are missing out on living their greatest lives.

Due to society’s programming, most people are not tuned into their Spiritual self, and so they are often searching outside of themselves for happiness and purpose. Many people end up living a life incongruent to their true selves.

When a person lives a life unaware of their true Spiritual nature and unique Divine Soul self-expression, their consciousness is stuck in lower vibrational frequencies. And this not only blocks progress, but it creates unnecessary stress and unhappiness.

During your AR reading you can ask about any deeper questions you need guidance and clarity on: life transitions, relationships, significant life decisions, present challenges in your life, negative patterns in your life, career and business issues, finances, your own psychic medium abilities, past life connections and more.


We begin your session by giving you all the needed information I received about you from your Akashic Record guide, (about 30 minutes)

After that, please ask the questions that you have, as time allows.

You will receive incredibly beneficial information to truly understand yourself on a Soul-level. You receive accurate information to move forward now more successfully and peacefully.

     Clear restrictions, blocks, energetic misalignments and karmic patterns that are affecting you now. This is a unique opportunity to make new choices now and substantially shift your current experiences

     Clear any negative contracts or connections that you have with another Soul affecting this life together now​

     Release self-limiting concepts, and old stories, so you can be free from what is holding you back​ now

     Your Akashic Record Guide will have a personal message for you

​     The private Akashic Record Reading will be voice recorded by you in-person, ​or automatically recorded through a free private conference call by phone

     Stacie will have some things for you to think about and write down and bring to your session for discovery purposes and for your Akashic Record Guide to give you clarity, guidance and new perspectives

If you have a lot of personal issues and dilemmas that you are facing right now and need quidance and direction, Stacie highly suggests getting a Psychic Reading first to get clarity; and taking a few weeks of new actions before scheduling an Akashic Record Consultation. This way you get the most out of your Akashic Record Reading without distractions.


75 minute session / $227

Call Stacie at (402) 937-4818 to schedule or with any questions

​​All sales final. No refunds available.
​You have 60 days to use your session from purchase date

"i was blown away!"

"Getting a Psychic Reading with Stacie is like getting 6 months of therapy in 1 hour. She is so accurate and easy to work with. She knew things about the people I was asking about without me telling her anything about them. I was blown away! She is so down-to-earth and honest.

​I started the reading upset about my life, and ended feeling so much better. Everything that Stacie said would happen did happen. It was surprising (and fascinating). She stresses for you to take new actions to get new results, that has helped me to stay focused and to get positive results for myself.

A few weeks after my Psychic Reading, I also did an amazing Akashic Record Reading which was an empowering and extraordinary experience. It was very validating and freeing. Life-changing for me is a great way to explain it. I have made significant strides since my AR reading thanks to Stacie's generous and expert help. I have recommended her to so many people, and will be happy to work with her again. Thank you so much, Stacie!"

Kendra Bergman - Washington DC