Akashic REcords

They are an energetic database or "library" that stores your Soul's information and history since it was made by Divine Source

Our Souls have human experiences in the form of lifetimes, and we have many, many lifetimes of experiences that stay with us. Although we usually cannot remember this information, it's all stored in the Akashic Records in 'the Divine.' Think of the Akashic Records as an energetic database or a library that contains the entire history about your Soul, clear back to its origination.

Every human who has ever lived has a Soul record for every lifetime they experienced and it's stored in their individual Akashic Record. Your Akashic Record includes every action, thought, emotion, relationship, karmic experience, and everything you have experienced during every lifetime, including this one. ​Every property also has an Akashic Record history because Souls have inhabited the land and the premises for a very long time.

The Akashic Records are on the highest vibrational and energetic dimension of unconditional love and healing.

​The Akashic Records are not a physical place or tangible thing; rather it is a Divine energetic database filled with all the information about every unique Soul since its inception. Some people see it as a Divine "Library" that holds each Soul's information in an individual Akashic Record "book" that is stored in the vast library.

The concept of the Akashic Records has been referred to in every spiritual tradition on the planet. In the Bible, it is referred to as the Book of Life. References to the Akashic Records, or the eternal 'Book of Life', date back to antiquity. They are referred to in ancient Tibetan, Egyptian, and Asian records (and more) as an "Akasha" or "Sky Library." The Akashic Records provide an infinite wealth of information about you, including relationships, career, past lives, and your Soul path!



The Soul records are deposited by the Soul itself into the Akashic Records and it's an automatic process. There is no way that these records can be altered or changed by the Soul or others as this recording is completed through a process of vibration. Every Soul record is always protected by the Akashic Records, opened or closed.

We all have an Akashic Record Guide who helps us connect to our Divine nature as a human by giving us any Akashic Record information that we need to help us find out who we really are on a Soul-level, and to help us in this life.


Information from the Akashic Records helps us to learn and experience who we really are on a Soul-level. It helps us to be energetically aligned with how we were made as a Soul so we can flourish, and better understand what we are experiencing now. The Records can tell you the Soul connection and past lives with someone in your life now or in the past, and so much more.

​We consciously create our life through the choices we make daily using our gift of 'free will.'

​The variable is if the choices we make daily are positive and congruent to how we are energetically made as a Soul. We are 100% responsible for the life we create. The Akashic Records help by giving us the information we need to try to stay congruent with how we were made as a Soul so we create a happy and fulfilling life.

We do make Soul-level choices before we are born into this life on what we would possibly like to do or experience, other Souls we have a connection with, and how we can best express our unique Soul while incarnated - like a "Soul blueprint" - but we aren't forced to do anything because we have 'free will' to make our own choices at all times. This how we can always change and grow if we will put in the effort.

​During your Psychic Reading you can ask about past lives, connections wth a specific person in your life now that comes from a past life, also about your Master Spirit Guide and your own personal team of Spirit Guides. And anything that interests you.

Everyone has there own personal Akashic Record Guide (higher level then your Master Spirit Guide) that works with them daily, and in every lifetime. That is who answers your past life questions or gives your your information, and answers deeper level questions. 

They are an energetic database or "library" that stores your Soul's information and history since it was made by Divine Source