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This has recently come up in readings: There are people that are going to betray or deceive you.  Some try to greatly harm you by vilifying you with lies.  They will falsely attack your character because they lack integrity.  Or they try to harm you in someway. Acknowledge your feelings, but then you need to […]

How to Get Through Betrayal and Heartbreak

February 6, 2020

A professional psychic reading is highly beneficial to get the answers and guidance you need to start moving forward successfully and with clarity. You get the accurate answers and guidance, and the first steps of actions needed at this time with each of your questions so you can start again on the road to a […]

Advice about Professional Psychic Readings

November 6, 2018

SOULMATES: A (love) soulmate is almost always someone we’ve had past lives with, and in many different capacities like close friends, cousins or siblings; not always in a spouse or partner relationship. A soulmate connection can be very intense and profound. But it does not mean that it will work out in this lifetime to […]

What are love Soulmates?

October 16, 2018

Most of us have heard the belief about “life lessons” that we’re supposed to be working on while incarnated. I’m here to explain that this is a false concept, regardless of its popularity. We are not incarnated in this lifetime to learn some never-ending “life lessons” in every interaction and experience we have. We don’t need to resolve our […]

Do we have required ‘Life Lessons’ to learn?

April 6, 2018