Mediumship Only Reading

A mediumship reading builds a bridge between our world and the "other side". Your loved ones are just as excited to connect with you as you are with them. 

You will tell me the first name and relationship of the first departed loved one you want to connect with. Then you will tell me who you want to connect with one at a time. They "step forward” as soon as you say their name. For example: my father Bob, MIL Julia, my sister Jessica, my close friend Lindsay, cousin Tina, 1st husband Tom, etc. 

No more information is needed or wanted. Let go of wanting to hear only what you want to for it to be "real" to you, focusing on one thing. They know you need validations and they give them. No one controls the other side. It is a very healing experience for you.

All departed loved ones show up. I'm very fortunate this is how I do mediumship because you will connect with exactly who you want to and get the most satisfaction out of your reading. 

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When we lose people we love we are often left with questions and feelings of anguish. It is my purpose to nurture and assist those recovering from heartbreaking losses. Every reading is unique. The goal is to help you to find peace, healing, and closure. 

Stacie Bannon

connect once again

Up to 4 family member or friends can attend who are connecting with the same departed loved ones at no extra charge. 

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If you're looking for:

that connection once again

Receive healing, closure, and hope from your departed loved ones. Enjoy a laugh or conversation with your loved one.

answers or closure with them

Ask sincere questions that you need answers or guidance from them. Hear their messages in an honest and sincere manner.

to work with an honest medium

You are in good hands. This is your opportunity to say what you need to for closure and they do respond. 

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Reading Rates

30 MINUTES / $150
45 MINUTES / $200
60 MINUTES / $250

  • Payment is due when you book your session to secure your appointment time
  • There is no online booking system. I like to speak to clients personally
  • You can start with a 30 or 45-minute session and decide to go longer during it
  • Cash, Card, PayPal & Venmo are accepted
  • No refunds. You can reschedule your session if needed, no fees or hassles

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"By about the 30 second mark, those feelings were all but washed away." 

"Wow...Stacie is absolutely INCREDIBLE! Her energy is powerful, and she absolutely 100% knows exactly what she is doing. I went to see her to speak to her about the recent passing of my mother. She read me perfectly and had great answers and guidance that really set me on my way ... I cannot recommend Stacie enough! She is the real deal... I left feeling the opposite of skeptical, I felt really wonderful and very pleased with the session."


"Stacie knew a lot of things just right off the bat that I knew were exact things that my mom used to say that no one would know"

"My first time seeing a Medium and I'm so glad I chose Stacie. In all honesty, I was a bit skeptical at first as most of us are, but she lifted a huge weight off my shoulders, she really helped answer a lot of questions I had. I feel like it was just so good to feel my Mom and be able to talk to her again through Stacie. It was really an incredible experience and I am so thankful. Thank you Stacie!!"


Connect Once Again

Once we leave this physical body we are freed from the human feelings of negativity, anger, guilt, pain, confusion and all the rest. They can feel remorse and want to make amends, but they are not attached to the painful depths of these emotions we as humans are. They still have their own opinions about stuff, but it's not of a negative or angry nature. Our loved ones have gone back their 'home' between lives where they feel unconditional love, serenity, and healing. They are always together - and peaceful and okay. They are never attached to how they died.