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for couples in an established relationship who want answers & guidance for your issues. In-person or by phone  

relationship readings


relationship readings

I am excited that you are interested in doing a relationship reading with me. I will tell you what a relationship reading really is about:

If you have issues or want more clarity about your relationship you both bring your specific questions or concerns, and I will answer them one at a time. You can decide your questions together or separately but go over them together before the reading, so no one feels blindsided. This reading is about bringing you closer together and finding new happiness. Spirit Guides love talking about relationships.

Bring honest questions. You each need to be very open to the answers, guidance and insights given. Guides always come from a space of love. If you just want to hear only what you want to, then this isn't for you. Your Guides will also bring up what they need to on their own. 

receive clarity, insights, and grow closer

relationship readings

the details

what is this reading about?

By healing your emotional wounds, and clearing out your issues, doubts, and worry, your relationship can be more joyful, harmonious, and satisfying. You need accurate answers and guidance, and a willingness to do that. Every reading is unique, and  completely confidential.

I am not a counselor. What you will get is the invaluable and unique experience of receiving intuitive guidance and insights for your relationship from a professional psychic that you could not get anywhere else.

The only requirements are:
+ This reading is for couples who have been in a committed relationship for at least a year. Married, engaged, living together, living apart, straight, LGBT.
+ Both people attend the session because they want to and are both interested in doing this reading. No one dragged into it, or just trying to make someone else happy. Please do not waste your time and effort.
+ You each feel it is a relationship you want to improve, to grow, and last. I cannot fix a broken relationship. There is not a magical cure-all for people who will not change what they are doing that does not work to begin with. If you know your partner is unaccountable, narcissistic, dishonest, not loyal, or disrespectful - leave the situation.
+ Both of you are receptive and open-minded to the answers and insights given. Each willing to make small personal changes if needed and be open to new perspectives and advice for your relationship. That is the point to the private reading.
+ Know that your Guides will say anything they need to tell you or make you aware of, positive things.
+ No 'blame game' or pointing fingers - only openness, honesty, and accountability.
+ I have done readings where the partner didn't believe that their spouse did not give me any information beforehand because of the Guide talking about personalities and other things without the client telling me. It is amazing but I am used to it. 
+ We are not going to "fix" years of stuff in an hour but it is an excellent way to start fresh and clear, and on the same page with each other.
+ Let go of all expectations. Enjoy the reading. I'm very down-to-earth and easy to talk to.
+ I am a professional psychic who has worked with many couples who found more happiness, emotional intimacy, and a fresh start in their relationship after one reading or a few in a row.

Emotional intimacy could be defined as allowing yourself to connect more deeply with your partner through actions that express feelings, vulnerabilities and trust


Once your date is reserved, we'll connect to start chatting about possible locations for your session. We generally recommend choosing one location and if it's a place you haven't been before, it might be helpful to visit during the time our session will take place. That way you have an idea of the light, crowds, closing time, etc! If you're not sure about where you would like to take your photos but you have a general idea of the look you would like, just let us know because we would be happy to recommend a few locations based on your aesthetic!


If picking out outfits for photos takes you back to your high school days when you literally tried on everything in your closet and piled it on your bed but still felt like you had nothing to wear, you're in luck. 

We put together an extensive outfit suggestion guide with tips for every member of the family (even Fido!)


On the day of your session, we'll connect to make sure the weather still looks like it's going to corporate. We'll exchange numbers and finalize our meeting location. Please plan for your session to take about two hours from start to finish. 

The SEssion

All images from our sessions are typically delivered within about two weeks of the shoot date via an online gallery. This gallery will allow you to share your favorites with family, order prints and even download images to share on social media. 

Your gallery will remain active for six weeks. 


We are proud to offer our clients a variety of ways to turn their images into keepsakes. Wall-mounted canvas prints to decorate your home, beautiful handmade albums and more. 

And we offer a lifetime guarantee on all our products so you never have to worry about the quality of your investments fading over time! What a special way to remember this season you’re in!


lincolnshire, england

Sheelagh Newberry

If you want flowery, Stacie's not it, if you want honest, accurate and above all to make progress and understand your gift, your business, your relationship (she is fabulously on point with that) and all the characters in between. She is one of the best I've met, and like I say - I'm a typical fussy but straight Brit. Thank you Stacie for everything but most of all for being you."

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Payment is due when you book your appointment to secure your session time with Stacie

You can start with a 30 or 45-minute reading and decide to go longer during your session, You pay the difference after your session

Cash, Card, PayPal & Venmo accepted. 

No refunds. You can easily reschedule your session if you need to, no fees

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