Stop Complaining. Words Have Energy

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March 13, 2018

Stacie Bannon

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Speak and think positive.

This has come up lately and I think it’s a great thing to remember … Stop complaining. It’s annoying and nonproductive. You’re putting out negative thoughts and words, instead of positive words and drawing abundance to yourself naturally.

It’s not just about the person your complaining to and annoying, most importantly it’s that words have energy. If you keep saying you hate your job, your life is crappy, you don’t have enough money, people are untrustworthy, men suck, you’re fat or not pretty enough, someone is annoying, dating is horrible if you’re single; lack, lack and more lack …. that’s EXACTLY what it will be for you because that is your only frame of reference. And that is by your choice. That is your “free will” in action.

Focus only on the positive aspects of the things that you normally complain about, even if at first there are few positives in your mind, and only say and think positive words. Focus just on the aspects that you like or feel good about.

Or finally take action and clean out that wound thoroughly and let it go. Or wake up and remember that nothing is as bad as you think and that you got this. That you can handle anything with grace, resiliency and dignity.

It will take a few weeks but you can absolutely change your thought patterns with consistent effort. Not perfect effort, there is no such thing, but consistent effort. Let a bad day be just one bad day, start over fresh the next morning.

Embrace how enormously better you will feel about yourself and your life naturally when you eliminate complaining and negative words/thoughts.

As powerful self-directed humans we create our lives one step at a time so if you have to start with just one area of your life you complain about a lot to completely eliminate complaining and moaning about it, do it. Start today. Always be gentle and nonjudgmental with yourself. We are all doing the best we can.

Write down on a piece of paper things that make you happy, words of affirmation, or quotes that you love. Gentle, positive visual reminders. Look at it every morning or carry it with you and look at it throughout the day.

Try meditation or yoga. Try balancing your chakras with a guided meditation on YouTube, there are hundreds of them. Go take a long walk in Nature. Soak in the tub with natural salts and candles. Stop obsessing about your problems. Remove negative people from your life or reduce your contact with them. You never have to feed a negative person or situation.

Watch a comedy and laugh out loud. Every time you start to complain visualize a stop sign and stop. Do something that opens up your creative side. Write down and keep a list of every single thing you have to pay for each month, then put away the money you need from each paycheck for your monthly bills; this is being financially responsible and will feel good. Declutter and simplify your home. Smudge your home. Call someone just to tell them that you love them and only speak happy words. Be kind and helpful to a stranger.

The point is every time you take one step to help yourself you build your self-esteem and you feel better. Calmly focus on solutions to your problems one at a time, don’t complain about your problems.

Get out of yourself and your negative self-talk to experience life again. Embrace all the beautiful things about it, let the rest go.

Come from a space of inner peace, positivity and a can-do attitude. Make this conscious choice for yourself today to stop complaining about anything.

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