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Do we have required ‘Life Lessons’ to learn?



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Most of us have heard the belief about “life lessons” that we’re supposed to be working on while incarnated. I’m here to explain that this is a false concept, regardless of its popularity.

We are not incarnated in this lifetime to learn some never-ending “life lessons” in every interaction and experience we have. We don’t need to resolve our ‘lessons’ in order to “move forward” or “move up” on some imaginary special ladder of Spiritual achievement.

When our Soul chooses to incarnate it’s not so that we ‘learn’ or ‘grow’ as a Soul, we are not in school on Earth. There is no pass or fail. The Earth is our playground.

​​The reason we joyously choose to reincarnate each lifetime is so that our Soul can have the powerful and diversified experience of being a human on Earth again. We reincarnate to experience all the varied and beautiful things we can only do on Earth. We must also be in the same dimension (Earth) to deal with karma and other things from our past lives.

We are always the powerful creators of our life because we have the gift of ‘free will.’ Our free will means that we create our life through our choices and actions; the effort we consciously choose to put into creating the life we want.

While having many ‘life lessons’ we have to learn is a popular concept, it is a false one. 

We are not predestined to “meet up” with someone in this life just because we HAD TO learn ‘lessons’ from each other, or have a Divinely required experience in any area of our life to learn humility, assertiveness, compassion, poverty, lack, self-respect, victory, etc.  What if you don’t learn your ‘lesson’ well?  What if you do not “pass” that lesson? It is a fictitious concept and belief system – there are no Divinely required lessons to learn in this life.

Naturally we learn greatly from our experiences in life and with others, but that is very different than having required life lessons.

Before we incarnate, we do choose to meet up with in this lifetime other people (Souls) we have been with in past lives; but we have free will to decide if we will spend a day with them, a month or a lifetime. The other person also has free will to make their own good or bad choices in this life, so we may choose to not interact with them any longer in this life. We are not Divinely required to keep dealing with them if they cause us only pain, especially for some mystical “life lessons.”

Be 100% accountable for everything in your life and everything you do. Do not give up your personal authority to a concept just because it has sold many books and classes that requires you to believe that you could actually give up your ‘free will’ because there is some mystical or even seemingly beneficial required lesson exchange with another person, or some spiritually required life lesson experience.

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