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The Akashic Records are an energetic database filled with all the information about every Soul since its inception. 


Bring your deeper level questions to your session. If you have a lot going on in your life you might want to do a regular psychic reading first to be clear and to get the most out of your Akashic Record Reading. I am here to help you.

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Receive Soul-level information and healing when you find out how you were created as a Soul. This will get you feeling empowered, clear, and peaceful. 


Stacie Bannon

Every human has their own Akashic Record which contains every bit of information about you since you were created by Divine Source. It's the complete record of every lifetime you have ever lived, including this one. It includes every thought, action, decision, experience, relationship, Soul connection, and karmic experience that you have ever had.

I am a Certified Advanced Practitioner trained through Soul Realignment TM for Akashic Record Readings.

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The Akashic Records are on the highest level of unconditional love and healing in the Universe. They reconnect you with who you are on a Soul-level.

We start your reading with me telling you with what I found out about you in your Record about how you were made as a new Soul: Your Divine Energy Centers and any clearing work that needs to be done.

An Akashic Record Reading provides you with an exceptional opportunity for personal empowerment and growth on a Soul-level. Find out how you were made as a new Soul.

We look at the energetic qualities your unique Soul is made with: what is your Primary and Secondary "Divine Energy Center" and how you best express yourself and experience this life.

+ We are all made up from eight Divine Energy Centers as a new soul. For example, they are "Divine Love", "Divine Truth", Divine Order", Divine Self-Expression", "Divine Power" plus 3 more. I explain thoroughly each of your Energy Centers and how you best express it in this life.

+ I will talk to you everything your Akashic Record Guide tells me. We also clear any energetic misalignments or Soul contracts
affecting you now in an Akashic Record session. When we find out the origin or root cause of any issue we are struggling with then we can consciously choose to clear it in our Akashic Record. You can then move forward taking new actions to get positive results instead of negative consequences.

+ I can also tell you about one past life you had with someone in particular. No one is going to be able to tell you about every one of your past lives or in sequential order from most recent to past. The reason is because the Akashic Records give us what we need to know now. They know exactly what they are doing.

+ Clients always receive a huge amount of emotional healing during their Akashic Record reading

If you're looking for:


What are you curious about? Do you want some explanations for some things you have experienced? Bring your specific questions.


Ask about any relationships you have questions about (family, friends or love). You can ask about a past life with them also.


Clear anything that needs to be cleared now. You must make new positive choices going forward to uphold the clearing work.

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"Best money I've ever spent & one of the most therapeutic experiences of my life."

She accurately predicted the situation I'm in my life and of those around me. She knew things she couldn't have possibly known about me from anywhere because I haven't shared those things with others. She also reassured me that thoughts I've been having were the direction I should proceed in going. I feel very guided and clear that I'm following the best path for me.

- Katie Chess, Omaha NE

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"Stacie is a beautiful psychic with amazing abilities. I decided to schedule a psychic reading with her...

This was my first reading ever and I hit the jackpot with Stacie! I cannot express enough how delightful my reading was. Stacie was able to answer all of my questions and I was able to connect with a departed loved one. My reading was very honest and enlightening. My life has been changed for the better because of my reading with Stacie. If you want raw honesty, I highly recommend scheduling a reading with Stacie!"

- Briana Martin, Omaha NE

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  • You can start with a 30, 45 or 60-minute reading and decide to go longer during your session

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