Client Testimonials

Sheelagh Newberry - Lincolnshire, England

"As a reader myself, I am very fussy over who I trust my energy too, it can be gutting to place your faith in someone and they tell you either what you want to hear or darken it for you. Stacie is just what the doctor ordered. Her empathetic, straightforward, but understanding style means you really feel you can share anything (and I did) and she doesn't judge, she gets to work quickly and brings through validation jaw-dropping accuracy and delivers it with a smile and warmth that makes you feel she's a friend.
​I feel lucky to have found her and would not hesitate to recommend her even to my private clients if I were unavailable, she takes good care of you and knows how to tell you what you need in a way that makes you feel reassured and in control.
If you want flowery, Stacie's not it, if you want honest, accurate and above all to make progress and understand your gift, your business, your relationship (she is fabulously on point with that) and all the characters in between.
​She is one of the best I've met, and like I say - I'm a typical fussy but straight Brit. Thank you Stacie for everything but most of all for being you."

Adrian Basford - Lincoln, NE (from England)

"I'd never been to a psychic medium and was stunned by some of the information she came up with. Being able to quote sayings which my father said to me when growing up. She could not have known these intimate details especially because he's been dead for over 13 years back in England. These jokes and life commentaries were not something anyone in the world could have just come up with. I've not heard them since he passed. Blew the doors off!"

Michael A.
- Brisbane, Australia

"Stacie, you're a legend! I appreciate all the sessions we have had. I was not sure at first about some of the guidance but you were spot on. I needed time to see it. I would recommend you to anyone. Thank you!"

Sarah Wolfe - Lincoln, NE

"HEALING, if I had to sum up the experience in one word. The mediumship reading with Stacie was absolutely the most amazing thing I've experienced; my mom and I came away with so much peace. Thank you Stacie! I whole heartedly recommend Stacie for readings!"

Brianna Martin - Omaha, NE

"Stacie is a beautiful psychic with amazing abilities. I decided to schedule a psychic reading with her because all of her reviews on google (and on her website) are all amazing! This was my first reading ever and I hit the jackpot with Stacie! I cannot express enough how delightful my reading was. Stacie was able to answer all of my questions and I was able to connect with a departed loved one. My reading was very honest and enlightening. My life has been changed for the better because of my reading with Stacie. If you want raw honesty, I highly recommend scheduling a reading with Stacie!"

Tracy Renshaw - Omaha, NE

​"I got a (mediumship) reading for my daughter ... it was absolutely amazing. The things that were discussed were on point. This was the best money I have ever spent. On the way home my daughter looked at me and said a huge weight had been lifted off of her chest. I would have did this two years ago if I would have known. I would recommend Stacie to everyone I know. Thank you does not even seem to be enough ... the peace she has bought to my daughter!!!"

Haley McGinn - Omaha, NE

"My first time seeing a Medium and I'm so glad I chose Stacie. In all honesty, I was a bit skeptical at first as most of us are, but she lifted a huge weight off my shoulders, she really helped answer a lot of questions I had. Stacie knew a lot of things just right off the bat that I knew were exact things that my mom used to say that no one would know or even understand unless you knew her personally, even just mannerisms. I feel like it was just so good to feel my Mom and be able to talk to her again through Stacie. It was really an incredible experience and I am so thankful. Thank you Stacie!!"

Cindy Currie - Sawtell, New South Wales, Australia
Medical Intuitive | Naturopath |
Energetic Healer

"I had the pleasure of receiving a divine and potent reading with Stacie as part of a deepening of my own self-awareness in my business and my personal life. During my connection with Stacie, I always felt held, loved and supported.

Stacie is truly a unique and effective healer who shifted me out of my muddy and unclear business path and into a lane of clarity, confidence and focus.

Stacie’s ability to deliver the messages that I needed to hear, implement, and action to propel my life and my business forward was incredibly powerful.

With a heart-centred approach that is authentic, congruent and aligned, Stacie’s work is revolutionary for any person wanting to reclaim their innate power and step into their highest destiny.

I wholeheartedly and soulfully would recommend working with this intuitive woman, Stacie. Your spirit is calling for it!"

Kendra Bergman - Washington DC

"Getting a Psychic Reading with Stacie is like getting 6 months of therapy in 1 hour. She is so accurate and easy to work with. She knew things about the people I was asking about without me telling her anything about them. I was blown away! She is so down-to-earth and honest.

​I started the reading upset about my life, and ended feeling so much better. Everything that Stacie said would happen did happen. It was surprising (and fascinating). She stresses for you to take new actions to get new results, that has helped me to stay focused and to get positive results for myself.

A few weeks after my Psychic Reading, I also did an amazing Akashic Record Reading which was an empowering and extraordinary experience. It was very validating and freeing. Life-changing for me is a great way to explain it. I have made significant strides since my AR reading thanks to Stacie's generous and expert help. I have recommended her to so many people, and will be happy to work with her again. Thank you so much, Stacie!"

Misty L. - Nebraska

"I was a little set back when I left her office. I didn’t believe some of the things that I had to do, but my life was crazy, my marriage was a disaster. I thought, well, what she said was a lot out of my comfort zone but what else is there. I believe it has been about six months and I did everything Stacie had suggested and I can actually say I’m enjoying my life. I have never been able to say that before. Thanks Stacie for helping me find my joy. See you soon."

Sandra Wilkinson - Melbourne, Australia

"I have received two wonderful readings from Stacie (so far) about my own business and personal life, months apart. She was very compassionate and validating. I have real direction and guidance with my business and life, and I'm already seeing great results. It was amazing that Stacie knew things about the people in my life and so much more without me telling her any information when I asked my questions.

She is excellent at explaining the messages your Master Spirit Guide is trying to convey to you, she's patient and kind with clients. Being accurate, straightforward, and great love for what she does is her strong suit. It's like talking to a friend you have known for years.

​Stacie tells you every piece of info given to her, not what you want to hear to feel better. She makes you be accountable, deal with the truth of your situation, and honor yourself and the new decisions you need to make. That's exactly what she should do as a sincere psychic. It's what sets her apart from the all the others.

​Stacie has much deserved being named a Top 50 Psychic Medium in the US. I have had other professional readings with other well-known American and Australian psychics over the years but she is unquestioningly the best around. I'm grateful for all of your expertise, sincerity and help, Stacie, thank you. I will continue to recommend you."

Katelyn Hatlee
- New York

​​"I was blown away by Stacie's wisdom, accuracy, and professionalism! I will continue to go to Stacie for advice and guidance! Highly recommend to everyone!"

Lorna Anderson - Los Angeles, California

"I received an Akashic Record Reading from Stacie and I have to say that it was life changing. I was a skeptic, I never had any psychic reading before but Stacie was referred to me by a close friend.
She is easy to understand and to feel comfortable with. She was 100% accurate with private information about me no one else knows. She was able to explain many things to me about why some things happened to me and how to move forward to build a new life. I feel completely unburdened and renewed after spending 30 years struggling and feeling lost in many aspects of my life.
​'Profound' is the best way to describe an Akashic Record Reading with Stacie. I would recommend her to anyone."

Esther Botha - Johannesburg, Soweto, South Africa
(updated by Esther)

​"I want to thank Stacie for my 2 readings. She helped me with my difficulties and issues, and because of her accurate answers and advice my life was much better within 6 months. She was recommended by a friend in the US and Stacie was worth the money. It was a great investment I made in myself. I have recommended her to friends in South Africa also. They loved Stacie. I appreciate all of your assistance and kindness Stacie. Dankie! (thank you)."

Jerica Glasper - Orlando Florida

"Getting a reading done with Stacie has been so reassuring to the direction my life and business is headed in. She hit the nail on the head with very specific situations I’m dealing with and how to tackle them. I was able to receive her guidance on releasing limiting beliefs that have been holding me back for years from reaching my full potential.

​Her ability to tune in to Spirit and my guides, then convey information back to me that gave such confirmation and "aha" moments was such a blessing. Her presence and tenacity with her gift lets me know that she cares deeply about her clients and wants the highest good for them and all involved. Thank you so so much for an amazing reading Stacie. You are truly one of a kind and I’m blessed to have met you."

Sally Vongphakdy - Nebraska

"I found Stacie when I was grieving over my father's death. She is the real deal. I still have goosebumps from our conversations. She has been a light in my life and I can't thank her enough for the weight she lifted off of my shoulders. My outlook on things have changed dramatically because she answered questions I've had for a long time. Stacie, thank you again for being you!"

Andrea Bachman - Nashville, TN

"I met Stacie a couple of years ago. I did a phone reading from Florida and was blown away by her intuition! She is amazing! Her psychic predictions have been scarily accurate. She told me my house wouldn't sell for 6 months so I could be prepared, and near the end of month 5 it sold.

She's great at helping you regain your confidence and focuses on your strengths. Stacie does not like to focus on negativity and though you may have a lot, she will walk you through changing the way you think to much more positive and productive.

I have grown spiritually because of her and it has made me a better person for it. She does not sugar-coat anything! She will not B.S. or waste your time or hers. If you want honesty and accurate straight answers, then Stacie is your go-to person. She will forever be my "go-to" person!"

Sarah Mulligan - Ballina Ireland

"Thank you for my reading! It helped me to see my situation more clearly and I have real guidance and answers to go forward with. I appreciate it so much."

April Victoria
- NYC, New York

"I was blessed enough to receive a 30 minute reading from Stacie. I have to say that it was a very moving and insightful experience. Not only was she able to offer valuable guidance, but she was able to bring me messages from the other side which was amazing! Stacie was able to pick up where I am in my life and what I am grappling with; she provided meaningful and relevant insight and validation. Many of the things she said served as a very strong confirmation for me. What a great reading!
Thanks again Stacie"

Sonya Ventura - Nebraska

​"About 3 months after my step-dad passed away, I wanted to see a psychic medium. I found Stacie, and she did not disappoint. She was spot on! I found her very caring about you and I have seen her 3 different times now. I have even referred others to her. If you're worried about something or have a need to know, I highly recommend you to visit Stacie!"

Tina Hernandez
- Boca Raton, FL

"Wow! Stacie is the real deal! I was a skeptic but she brought through very real validations and messages that no one would be able to know about my Mom and family members. It was so healing and comforting. It brought me the peace I have needed for years. She is so kind and sincere. I cannot recommend Stacie enough for a mediumship reading. Try her out, you will not regret it. Thank you, Stacie!"

Sandy Rubino
- NYC, New York

"She was on the money! Give me a lot of hope and direction, she confirmed several of my intuitive feelings. Will be talking to her again in a few months and will be recommending her highly!"

Heather Dunn - Bennington, NE

"Stacie Bannon was the first psychic that I have had the encounter with. She has the greatest personality. I had goosebumps and a lot of tears. She is the best. I will definitely meet with her again."

Lisa S.

"As a professional reader myself, Stacie is a breath of fresh air. She is an exceptional Psychic Medium and energy healer, and an inspiration to others. There is unfortunately so much competitiveness and pettiness in the professional Psychic/New Age communities in Omaha, LA, England, and everywhere - and Stacie gracefully rises above it all. 

​​She expertly helps other healers and intuitives to rise above also, to focus positively and constructively only on yourself and your own unique psychic medium abilities.   

In my private readings with Stacie over the last 3 years I have learned to let go of other people's negativity, finding true inner peace and balance. She gives you your information from your Master Spirit Guide in a way that is easily actionable and transformational.

​Stacie's honest and direct guidance has made my life, and business, so much more enjoyable, satisfying and abundant. I serve my clients so much better after working through my own personal issues and frustrations. I'm so appreciative for her sincerity and expertise. Thank you again, Stacie."

Jennifer Vincent - Omaha, NE

"I have taken Stacie's Mediumship and Psychic Development classes and she is the best teacher. She really knows her stuff, she is a very natural and empowering New Age teacher. I have taken classes from other established psychics in Omaha, and other cities, and they do not hold a candle to Stacie and her psychic mediumship and teaching abilities. She is friendly, funny and approachable - and an expert in what she teaches. Classes have always been so interesting and effective at helping you embrace your intuitive abilities and expand them. I highly recommend Stacie for classes, and for accurate private readings."

Neisha Stovall - Nebraska

"Stacie has an amazing gift for helping people be able to see stuff that we often forget is there. She helped me see what I thought was gone .... And allowed me to feel whole again... thanks Stacie!"

Pamela Skarda - Germantown, Maryland

​​"Stacie gave me an awesome reading full of wise counsel. She is HIGHLY ACCURATE. Would go to her again to seek direction and guidance."

Diem D. - Nebraska

"Stacie has a passion in helping people. She has given me multiple readings that have helped guide me in the right direction. She is a wonderful psychic and medium. I have recommended her to a few people and they have all enjoyed their readings and experience like I have."