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How to Get Through Betrayal and Heartbreak



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This has recently come up in readings: There are people that are going to betray or deceive you.  Some try to greatly harm you by vilifying you with lies.  They will falsely attack your character because they lack integrity.  Or they try to harm you in someway.

Acknowledge your feelings, but then you need to deal with them.  Don’t unpack and live in the pain, even unknowingly.  Don’t feed a negative situation or person any longer.  A fire needs oxygen to continue.

Then you need to clean out your emotional wound. Truly let it go and move on from it.  That heinous and sometimes unforgivable behavior belongs to them. Decent humans don’t go around harming others for any reason. 

There is never an excuse or justification for people purposely doing harm to someone else.  So don’t accept any.  People make a conscious choice to be dishonest, unaccountable and harmful to others.  That is their “free will” in action.

We often are not going to get an apology, acknowledgment of the betrayal, or justice. 

I’m here to tell you you don’t need it.

Get back in your own lane.  Stop focusing on the hurt or betrayal, and start building a life that feels blissful to you. Stop living in pain, fear, anger, resentment, guilt, shame, sadness, or needing it to be different. 

  • You have to ACCEPT the reality of the situation, whatever that reality is.
  • Maybe it is that your parent is never going to be who you need them to be – stop needing anything from them without judgment or needing it to be different. 
  • Maybe it is an ex is not coming back – there will be many reasons why that’s good; you need to get away from them to build a life you really love.
  • Maybe someone questioned your integrity and attacked your character and has harmed you greatly – you know the truth of the situation. Let go of what you think others thinks. You and the people who know you know the truth. Nothing else matters. This is not a popularity contest.  Your sweet victory is in surviving it, letting it go and moving forward positively. The perpetrators stay the same.
  • Maybe you lost a job unjustly- that means that there is something much greater for you coming in your career. It was time to move on.

Accepting the reality of a situation doesn’t mean that we like it, that it’s okay, or that it’s justified in any way …. It means without any judgment to accept that this happened so you can stop suffering about it and move forward free of it. 

Sometimes the catalyst to change can be incredibly painful, but it doesn’t mean it’s not necessary. Often it is a blessing in disguise that we don’t see until later. Don’t get stuck in the pain or loss,

Anytime we lose something that we really wanted it always leaves an opening for something much better to come in.  Happiness truly is the best ‘revenge.’  The harmful person will continue to be the same dishonest, manipulative, unhappy person they always were.

You will still be the same kind, honest, sincere, good human you always were.

You get to live your life in true freedom because you have integrity and sincerity. They will continue to be in the prison of their negativity, dishonesty, insecurities, and unhappiness.

We are not here to escape all hardship. We’re going to take it on the chin sometimes. But we will choose whether we stay down for the count, or whether we get up and dust ourselves off and move forward building a better life then before.

Life really is beautiful. Focus on the good. Clean out your wounds. Smell the flowers and watch the sunsets. Reach out to friends or family. Let nature soothe you.

But most of all, give yourself full credit for getting through all the hard times.  You are a beautiful intuitive human. You deserve nothing but love, happiness and serenity.

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