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A professional psychic reading is highly beneficial to get the answers and guidance you need to start moving forward successfully and with clarity. You get the accurate answers and guidance, and the first steps of actions needed at this time with each of your questions so you can start again on the road to a fulfilling life and feel empowered.

Life unfolds naturally, we are not puppets on a string with all things pre-planned. We are faced with choices and decisions every day. We each have the beautiful gift of “free will” to create our life through our conscious choices and actions.

Often when we are hurting, lonely or tired we lose perspective and belief in ourselves. We want something outside of ourselves to magically make us feel good or complete again.

Once in a while, clients come to me and HAVE TO hear certain things to feel better, and want to know magically what will happen with no effort from them to improve their life. And they don’t like the reading at the time when that’s not what happens. I will not go out of integrity for anyone. It will not help them. Sometimes my real role is to plant seeds for a later time when they are ready to deal with it. That’s always okay.

Only you can make your own decisions and take new actions. Support systems are beautiful, but it’s your job to take care of yourself. You’re the powerful creator of your life.

A private reading with me will help you to make much better decisions with accurate answers and guidance about your situation. Guides never just tell you something that you want to hear so you feel better in the moment. The truth sets us free if we will accept it.

Your Spirit Guides are not going to tell you exactly who your new soulmate will be, what they will look like, and exactly when you will meet them. If any psychic tries to give you a physical description or an exact time frame that’s their ego talking to seem “all knowing.” Guides will give you information so YOU are more ready when you meet your soulmate, it’s up to you if will do whatever is needed to grow and help yourself. Guides can give you information about your new soulmate’s personality and traits.

In my readings, when you have any kind of relationship questions your guides will describe the other person’s personality and some things about the situation without you telling me anything; after you say their name and relationship. It’s not magic, I can’t read your mind. Your guides know exactly the situation and then give me the information. I won’t know every detail because that would be information overload and is unnecessary.

You receive a lot of emotional healing when you work with me in a private session.

You have to be willing to do the work that is necessary to participate in your own healing. You will have to be willing to look at yourself with new eyes, from a new perspective and as an embodiment of completion and wholeness.

Understand that willingness is the catalyst for great change, which always begins with your intentions and how much effort you will put in. Every human, every day, has a chance to start over or take a new path.

Your Spirit Guides always see you as unique, vibrant, intelligent and competent human. That’s because you are. Even when we do not feel that way ourselves. We are so deeply loved, we’re never judged or punished. We are always helped, guided and watched over every moment of our life.

Come to a professional psychic reading with your specific questions and an open mind. Leave your expectations and what you really want to hear as answers at the door.

Your Spirit Guide team knows what is in your highest good, and the best way to work with you during your session. No one loves you more or knows you better. I always stay a completely clear channel so your information is accurate and helpful.  Let the professional reader do what they know how to do very well.  Let go of all needs and expectations. Enjoy your private session and get the most out it for yourself.

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I am a psychic medium and Akashic Record Reader who works with clients all over the US and internationally. 



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