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It's been a fascinating journey as a psychic medium for a decade. I love writing new articles that capture my followers interest.




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Where do you start on your psychic journey? Right where you sitting reading this. Read, research, ask, absorb. The most important thing you can do once you get through the learning part is act. Work with friends or family who may be open to Tarot cards. Try to connect with your Spirit Guides. Go to New Age stores or online to find psychic-related classes or events near you. Find a psychic ‘Meetup’ group near you or carefully make your own psychic group.

Please be very cautious with whom you associate with. Not everyone has good intentions or good energy as you already know. Trust your gut intuition with people. If something doesn’t feel right at any point, trust that and get away from the situation immediately.  You don’t owe anyone any explanations.

Don’t feel that you have to follow a pre-set list that you see on a lot of websites about “how to become psychic.”  Years ago I went to a few classes, took an Akashic Record program, and received Akashic Record readings when I started my psychic journey. I had attended classes, webinars, reads books and more.

Did I learn stuff? You bet, some invaluable information. I also learned that trusting my own intuition, Spirit Guides and the Akashic Records is the safest bet of all.

With that said, there is nothing wrong with going to another reputable psychic you trust when you need guidance and just don’t seem to be getting it right. We can can have a hard time being objective because we are too close to what is going on sometimes. That’s normal and okay. We are still human regardless of the level of our intuitive gifts.

I will give you the advice I wish someone would have given me a long time ago to save you a lot of money, time and disappointment.

My advice is to understand and accept that everyone does it differently. We all have different gifts, different beliefs, and that’s okay. You have to find YOUR path.

Some people are very ritual-based and “you have to do it this way only” or you won’t be a real psychic. They believe that you won’t be able to read your own Akashic Records or anyone else’s without ‘Attunements’ which is not true. We all have heard that at some classes popular psychics give incorrect information because of ego, rather than wisdom. 

Some believe you have to go through an exorbitantly priced program or are not “schooled” enough to be a genuine psychic. Also, if you don’t believe everything a teacher tell you hook, line and sinker, you aren’t good enough and may be shut out which would be very revealing of the lack of sincerity and confidence of that mentor.

Some think it’s mandatory to be in a circle of local psychics, or rub elbows with popular psychics to be accepted to be a great psychic. None of this is true. 

I have met some beautiful psychic people on this New Age journey. When I was starting out I learned some useful information from other reputable, professional psychics by watching their videos, online classes, webinars, getting readings, and seeing some great interviews on Gaia TV.  

Everyone has met or dealt with people who may have good intentions but are so caught up in their way of doing it that they don’t see that there are many ways to learn to open to your intuitiveness or do it professionally successfully. 

If “certified” psychic-related programs by famous psychics/schools, courses or Akashic Record Attunements make you feel more secure and knowledgeable then do it. We will all continue to learn from everyone we meet. Lifelong learning is a beautiful thing. 

My point is simple. It’s not required to take any class, well-known certification program, or to go to a psychic classes to be highly intuitive or do it professionally successfully.

Please just take a few real “pearls of wisdom” from everyone you meet with something enlightening and positive to give you, but not everything they have to say. Feel what resonates with you and work with that.

Keep working it until you feel like you are living an authentic life that brings harmony and peace to you and to those who support you. Only you can know what your ‘authentic life’ can feel like. 

There is no need to be defensive, or have to explain or justify yourself to others about being intuitive and interested in New Age subjects. Please don’t go overboard and live, breath and sleep your intuitiveness. There si a point where you need to stop studying and start doing. I believe you can drown in this New Age world until you remember that balance is the key to life. Balance is just that, a balancing act we work on daily.

I hope you enjoy your psychic journey immensely wherever you decide to go with it. 

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I am a psychic medium and Akashic Record Reader who works with clients all over the US and internationally. 



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