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A “Letter of Release” will Clean Out Your Wounds



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One of the most effective ways to clean out any emotional wound you have is to write a ‘Letter of Release.’ You write one Letter of Release at a time, and only one a week until you are done. 

We can always move forward feeling good about ourselves, and our life, when we will put in the effort to clean out our emotional wounds and heal ourselves. 

Years ago, when I started doing readings the Spirit Guides would explain to me to have some clients write a letter of release to clean out each emotional wound they have. They were extremely specific about it. Since then, I have told hundreds of clients how to write a “letter of release” when their Master Spirit Guide tells me to in a private reading.  

You will write a “Letter of Release” about any emotional wound that you have about someone or a situation. You can also write a “letter of release” to yourself about any guilt, shame, disappointments, regrets, just anything you need to clear out and let go. You will do it exactly how you would if you were writing about emotional wound about someone else.  

You write the letter until you have nothing left to say to yourself about the emotional wound, do the last “release” paragraph, read it over a few times, and then burn it, (all done at the same time). 


#1. Buy a brand-new notebook and pen and when you have two hours of total privacy write your first “Letter of Release.” Do not be exhausted or starving. Light a candle.  

#2. Start the letter with the first sentence stating – “I have an emotional wound with my mother and I’m (angry, sad, disappointed) about” …. and then let it all flow out of you. Just pick one emotion to start. It does not matter how long or short the letter is, two pages or fourteen pages. Write everything you have to say to yourself and speak your truth. 

#3. Once you have said everything you have to say about your emotional wound with that person – then THE LAST PARAGRAPH of the letter you write every emotion you need to release with them. You write: “I’m releasing any more anger, guilt, shame, needing it to be different, attachment, sadness, etc.” When you get to this part you will know inside of you exactly what emotions you need to release. (This is why it is called a Letter of Release).  

#4. Then the very last sentence of the letter is, “I’m cleaning out this wound to move forward free of it.” 

#5. Next, you read the letter from beginning to the last word three times at least, so it imprints with you, and you can let it all go. 

#6. Lastly, burn the letter right then outdoors. As it burns say, “let the wind take it, let my guides, let nature, let the Universe take it. I do not have to be attached to this anymore.” or anything that feels right to you. This gives you great closure when you watch it burn. Do not worry about how fast it burns, just that it burns, and you get to release it all. 

When you write each “Letter of Release” you must speak YOUR truth and say everything you need to. 

  • Know that your whole Spirit Guide team helps you write the letter and they put you in a rapid healing process for days. If someone has passed away that you need to write the letter about they give you privacy and are happy you are writing it. 
  • It is especially important to understand that you are only talking to yourself – you are NOT talking (writing) to the other person in any way. This is not a letter to someone else. It is your emotional wound, so it is solely your responsibility to clean it out.  
  • We are all done with the blame game when we sit down to write a letter. No more “I should have, would have, could have” unnecessary talk, or about the other person also. It serves no purpose. Be honest and accountable with yourself, but also gentle and compassionate.  
  • Only write one Letter of Release a week. This way you can get adjusted to feeling better and have more time to heal.
  • It will take six weeks to write six letters.  
  • Sometimes nine months later or nine years later you need to write another Letter of Release about the emotional wound you have with that person. When we still deal with someone sometimes new wounds come up. Please sit right at the dining room table or desk and write another letter doing it exactly like this. 

Please do your letters to clean out your emotional wounds. This will be the most freeing and clearing thing you ever do. 

Make a conscious choice for yourself to live in positivity and happiness. Your Spirit Guide team is always helping you and healing you. Every day is a fresh start. Clean out your wounds. Live your life with freedom and inner peace. 


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