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Have you ever wondered why people who have money attract more money? 

People who come from wealth have a better chance of making money than those from impoverished backgrounds. Money makes money. However, it is deeper than that. The difference is the energy and your mindset. Those whose family stories around money are about abundance live their lives with an unwavering knowing that money is abundant and free flowing. 

Money is neutral energetically. It is not good or bad, positive or negative; it is only a barter system in our modern society, in our physical third dimensional reality on Earth. 

Yet, most people have fear and issues surrounding money. Ever hear or say the phrases, “Money is the root of all evil” or “Money doesn’t grow on trees” or “It’s greedy to want a lot of money” or “There will never be enough money!”? We all have. But ‘money’ is simply a barter system and a tangible thing; it is our perception and internal beliefs about money (and wealth) that hold all power. 

Abundance is not about the luck of the draw or rolling the dice of life. To develop lasting financial wealth, we must seize the opportunity to change our beliefs about money and embrace those beliefs until they become our truth. 

It is not wrong to want to make money – is it wrong to want freedom? Money can bring freedom to do what we enjoy and go where we want to. That is a positive and honorable thing to want. Money is just one vehicle to help get us what we really want. Release all guilt, shame, and limiting or negative beliefs around wanting comfort, stability, and yes, more than enough money to live the life you want to. 

Before there was money as we know it, people would normally barter for things—your energy in exchange for my energy. In modern society, the barter system previously used in everyday life is now replaced with paper money assigned a value, but the energy exchange is still the same. 

Money is simply energy. 

To get what we want, we trade our money (energy) for the value (energy) of something else. It is a give and take. An exchange of energy. 

Everything in life has a balance. A yin/yang, a positive/negative, a give and a take. Without one, the opposite cannot exist. It is a Universal Law of Opposites. 

And so it is with the energy that we call money. 

Each of us has a very personal relationship with money. To be in the best financial position each of us dreams of, we must first identify the beliefs preventing the flow of money to us. We need to be consistent or create the ability to be responsible with our money. Save your money to buy in cash whatever you want. There is huge energetic power and freedom in that. 

Responsibility = Power. The more responsible you are, the more powerful you are. Building your willpower takes one consistent effort at a time, it is not an innate ability we are born with. The more authentically powerful you feel, the more positive energy you have. 

If we agree that money is just another form of energy, now let’s replace the word money with the word energy in the negative statements about money: 

Look at those statements again. 

Energy is the root of all evil. 

Energy doesn’t grow on trees. 

There will never be enough energy. 

It’s greedy to want a lot of energy. 

It doesn’t make sense does, it? 

To attract money into our lives and keep it requires us to change our perspective about it. By changing the stories we grew up believing were true and creating new ones, we will be able to manifest abundance and balance in our lives. 

If we continue to retell the same stories, we continue to keep the status quo. 

No new actions means no new results. 

We cannot have it both ways. If we focus on stories of scarcity, scarcity is what we will attract. Thoughts are the most powerful tool we have to create the world we want. 

Change the story to change the outcome. 

Let go, heal your money wounds and manifest what you deeply desire. Are you ready to rewrite the story of your relationship with money? First, you must address and then clear your old stories and emotional wounds around money, poverty, and wealth. Do you see poor people as lazy, unlucky, more genuine or honest then wealthy people, or “less than”? Are wealthy people greedy, unworthy of good fortune, lucky, or better than others? Pay attention to who you judge and why you judge them. 


To start changing your money mindset, write down (by hand) a list of all the negative ways you perceive money, and another list of positive perspectives you have about money. Review it with care and burn the list of negative beliefs outdoors. Tape to your bedroom wall the positive list. 

Next, take an hour or two to hand write a “Letter of Release” to yourself about your emotional wounds with money. This includes any negative thoughts, old stories, and limiting beliefs you have about money. This letter will be incredibly clearing and freeing. You can write a Letter of Release about any emotional wounds you have. 

Autumn is a beautiful time to do clearing work and to set new intentions for your life. Start today in reshaping your beliefs about money to a mindset of abundance and freedom. 

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I am a psychic medium and Akashic Record Reader who works with clients all over the US and internationally. 



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