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Psychic Abilities

Design your Environment for Success

You may not realise it, but your surroundings strongly influence your everyday behavior. Research shows that people buy more items from shelves on eye-level than from lower shelves, and they’re more active when there are safe sidewalks in their neighborhood. Basically, what’s right in front of you or easily available determines your default actions.  The […]

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Manifestation: Detach from the Outcome

A part of “manifestation” that tends to be challenging for some people to understand is detaching from the outcome. Manifestation is an intangable practice. It is a practice that works the muscles of the brain to believe it BEFORE we see it. When manifesting your new job / new relationship / new house / (etc), […]

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What Does Personal Success Look Like?

Too often these days, it is easier to get what you want (or at least feel like it emotionally) by becoming a victim rather than taking risks and leaving your comfort-zone to achieve more, and strive for something better. Failure is rejected in our society. Instead it should be embraced and recognized as a rite […]

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