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Since 2013, I've been honored to read for over 3,500 clients worldwide.


Since 2013, I've been honored to read for over 3,500 clients worldwide.

I'm a featured psychic medium in the book, "Top 50 Psychics & Mediums in the US - 2016 Edition" by author Jennifur Diamond


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welcome! i'm Stacie
Bannon, and i'm a 

Welcome! i'm Stacie Bannon, and i'm a 

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I'm a featured psychic medium in the book, "Top 50 Psychics & Mediums in the US - 2016 Edition" by author Jennifur Diamond

I work with every client with compassion, honesty and dedication. Clients consider me a trusted confidant and consultant.

​I'm an expert clear channel of information and connection. You always receive clarity and emotional healing during your reading session. I’m here to help you get back to happiness.

Clients come to me because they want to solve their most pressing challenges affecting them now. In a Psychic Reading you bring your specific questions for accurate answers, guidance and solutions for your challenges.

​In a Mediumship reading, I connect you with your departed loved ones once again. I love doing these readings because of the healing, closure my clients get. Your departed loved ones are so excited to connect with you also. 

Call me today at                    to book your private reading session.

Call me today at 402-937-4818 to book your reading session.

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​​If you're not interested in wasting your time, money or hope ... ​This is where I can help you.

​My clients frequently come to me in pain and confusion - and leave feeling lighter, more whole, happier and at ease. A private reading session will make a difference in your life and your ability to thrive and find joy.

​​Whatever your personal, cultural or spiritual beliefs might be, receiving accurate guidance and emotional healing will help you to achieve what you want now with far greater ease and confidence.


Specific life issues: receive accurate answers and guidance about ANYTHING going on in your life now, and for the near future

For 8 years I have done professional readings for clients all over the world.

​My gift is delivering your intuitive messages in a way that helps you to start building a happy and truly satisfying life for yourself ON YOUR OWN TERMS.

Areas of Expertise:

Relationship issues: your Spirit Guides love talking about relationships

Specific career issues/questions; for your business also

Being an Empath, Intuitive, or medium with questions about how to deal with it effectively and successfully

Helping clients who feel stagnant, lost, or grief

Giving clarity, direction and validations regarding where you are going and what you want - or about a situation

Connecting with your departed loved ones for healing and peace

"The holidays & our departed loved ones"



"As a reader myself, I am very fussy over who I trust my energy too, it can be gutting to place your faith in someone and they tell you either what you want to hear or darken it for you. Stacie is just what the doctor ordered. Her empathetic, straightforward, but understanding style means you really feel you can share anything (and I did) and she doesn't judge, she gets to work quickly and brings through validation jaw-dropping accuracy and delivers it with a smile and warmth that makes you feel she's a friend.

​I feel lucky to have found her and would not hesitate to recommend her even to my private clients if I were unavailable, she takes good care of you and knows how to tell you what you need in a way that makes you feel reassured and in control.

If you want flowery, Stacie's not it, if you want honest, accurate and above all to make progress and understand your gift, your business, your relationship (she is fabulously on point with that) and all the characters in between.

​She is one of the best I've met, and like I say - I'm a typical fussy but straight Brit. Thank you Stacie for everything, but most of all for being you."

Sheelagh Newberry - Lincolnshire, England

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