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Psychic Medium

Akashic Record Reader

Energy Healer

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Through my readings, my clients in the US and internationally experience immense transformations. When you get true clarity and healing, harmony and balance are restored.

I have a unique intuitive and healing ability that I expertly use to help you to get the guidance and connection you need. Clients frequently come to me in pain and confusion, and leave feeling lighter, happier, more whole, and at ease.

If you are here you are curious about a psychic medium reading. Are you looking for answers to your important questions? Do you feel stagnant or blocked and want to feel purposeful and free? Are you experiencing a spiritual awakening, or are you an Empath? Who is your own spirit guide team? Want to learn about your past lives or more about yourself on a Soul-level?

Or do you want to connect with your departed loved ones through mediumship because you need connection, healing, and closure now?

You are in the right place. I am here to help you.

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These jokes and life commentaries were not something anyone in the world could have just come up with. I've not heard them since he passed. 

Blew the doors off!"

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I'm stacie

Readings are my passion. I have been happily working with clients for a decade.

I offer an elevated level of service to my clientele as a seasoned psychic medium and Akashic Record Reader. I have my own signature style that reflects a warm personality, and an honesty and genuineness that is refreshing in my industry.

Spirit Guide Info

Are You an Empath?

Learn what spirit guides are and how they help us. Find out how to start connecting with your guides now

Do you feel the vibes in a room or what is going on under the surface? Are you sensitive to energy? Learn more here


One thing I hear from clients often is they wish they had done their reading sooner. If you're nervous or skeptical know that doesn't affect the reading accuracy and it is normal. Phone and video calls are just as accurate as in-person. If you are ready for answers and healing, please call me at 402-937-4818

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