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Common Myths in the New Age World



It's been a fascinating journey as a psychic medium for a decade. I love writing new articles that capture my followers interest.




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I have been a professional psychic medium for 8 years, I have experienced a lot of facinating things. I have also seen some things that are not helpful or ethical. I personally choose to stay in my own lane and be positive about life. But I think it’s important to help others to be clear and have an honest perspective from an expert.

Here are some common myths and misconceptions in the metaphysical and New Age Communities all over the globe.

No person has just one “Soul Purpose.” ​​Every Soul has many things they want to try to experience in every lifetime. Some will be very important to us on a Soul-level, but there is not just one focus or “purpose” in any lifetime. Think of how many diverse aspects there are to our lives: love, work, friendships, social life, family, creative, learning, spiritual, ​​health, emotional well-being, personal development. Also, what we want to experience on a Soul-level in this life can change and evolve during our lifetime.

There are no required “life lessons” we must learn. We are not incarnated in this lifetime to learn some never-ending “life lessons” in every interaction and experience we have. We don’t need to resolve our ‘lessons’ in order to “move forward” or “move up” on some imaginary special ladder of Spiritual achievement. We do not have any required learning lessons with another Soul, or them with us. When our Soul chooses to incarnate it’s NOT so that we ‘learn’ or ‘grow’ as a Soul, we are not in school on Earth. There is no pass or fail. The Earth is our playground. We always choose to reincarnate because our Soul wants experience being a human again.

Our departed loved ones can be lost, hurt, depressed or need assistance in some way – This is FALSE. The Divine, our Spirit Guide team and Angel team always knows where every Soul is. We are too loved and protected by the Divine to ever suffer in any way after physical death. Souls who commit suicides are not “somewhere else,” or hurting in any way after death. We are all loved the same no matter what we did, including a very heinous person in life. Any psychic medium who believes this myth of hurt or lost Souls can be filtering what they believe they are seeing heavily through their personal religious or spiritual beliefs, knowingly or unknowingly. They can only see what they believe is only possible to happen when someone was was “bad,” died shockingly, or committed suicide. Sometimes the medium is scamming people for money or to feel powerful. NEVER give anyone money to “help” a departed loved one or “spirit” for any reason! They are scamming you.

There is no such thing as spells or curses. It’s impossible for any living person, disincarnated Soul or anything to negate your ‘free will’ by imposing their will on you without your consent. You would have to accept and believe that someone could “curse” you; and for example, they “curse” you by saying you are going to have hardship with money. Then YOU would have to keep making negative choices with your money and start having money problems, like a self-fulfilling prophecy.

No person or “thing” could negate your gift of ‘free will’ because they are powerful, “evil” or for any reason. That means there is NO such thing as spells, curses, directing negative thoughts at you that can harm you, or any spirit or “entity” is energetically trying to feed off of you, etc. The Divine chose for every Soul to be self-directed and in charge at all times of the life we create by using our gift of ‘free will’ without any interference. No one can do a magical spell to make someone get back with you or vise-versa. This would negate your gift of free will and that is not possible​.

You do not need “Psychic Protection.” We each have a highly competent Spirit Guide team, and Angel team around us at all times who do everything they can, and are able to do, to protect you. If you believe someone can harm you psychically or energetically then you would allow this. If you honestly thought that someone was trying to harm you, naturally you would not want that and your gift of “free will” would stop it. You’re safe, I promise you. If you like crystals, stones, smudging your home, things like that, by all means do it because it brings you happiness, but not for “protection.” Do smudge and clear out from your home of any negative, draining or stagnant energy from day-to-day life, unhappiness or trauma.

There is no such thing as hell, Satan, evil entities, negative Souls after you or your family, demon possessions, your departed loved ones need help, etc. These are archaic, hermetic beliefs from a very long time age to get people to behave and to conform with whatever was expected at that time. We live in 2022, not the Middle Ages or biblical times. Thank goodness for that! I like my civil rights as a human, and to have the ability to build any life I want to as a woman now. We have progressed and awakened as a society for a reason, please evolve with it. I’m not stepping on any religion, you can have whatever religious beliefs you want, just let go of what is not real.

Sometimes a person may not be aware that they are sensitive to spirits, who are departed Souls, so when they sense something it scares them so they start believing it’s bad, “evil,” or negative, but that is inaccurate thinking. Some people, even with good intentions, who know they are sensitive to sensing spirits and departed Souls say they see something negative because it nighttime, or it “looks dark” or “has a dark face,” and simply because it is not clear to them they jump to the wrong conclusion that it’s “bad.” They mistakenly believe if they ask who it is or try to communicate with them they will accidentally “invite it to stay” or will be bothered by it. Those are Hollywood horror movie beliefs, not real life. 

This is a common misconception in the Spiritual Development community. Even if they’re an honest and stable person, if their belief is strong enough they will honestly believe they are seeing something bad or “evil” because that is the only way they can see it. That’s because it’s such a rigid core belief even though that is not really what they are seeing or sensing. People usually hang onto these beliefs because they serve some purpose for them, or someone they love or deeply respect taught them these beliefs, or people they associate with. That’s their choice, but do not feed it or believe it.

People who honestly believe they are under “Demonic Possession” or under ‘demonic’ attack, alien influence, being taken over by some force, etc., are actually mentally ill and not understanding what’s happening to them. Or they’re being told that there are these things happening to them so don’t believe it! Seek professional Mental Health Counseling services immediately.

To be a medium you have to be a Reiki Master or any such thing – FALSE. This leaves me scratching my head too but I’ve heard it, and the person saying it always sells Reiki classes, imagine that.

To drink alcohol, smoke cannabis, or do any kind of drug enhances your psychic abilities – FALSE. ​ It actual inhibits being an open, clear channel of information because you are in an altered mental state. Not surprisingly, the people who say this usually drink too much or use drugs and are trying to justify or rationalize it. When American Indians long ago used peyote or cocoa leaves, it was as much of a respected cultural, spiritual and bonding experience as trying to contact ancestors or portalways to the Gods. I personally think it’s fascinating and sacred to a beautiful ancient culture. But it WILL go bad with any psychic or healer to get a session while they are under the influence.

The most gifted psychics, mediums, healers are more “special” to the Divine, God, Archangels, or anyone; or can have “special powers”; or should be adored or revered – FALSE. No one gets a shortcut or extra special information just for themselves to figure out their problems. No one gets receive 7 steps of what to do instead of 3 steps like everyone else (just an example). This is just arrogance or delusion for anyone to believe they are all-knowing or have “super special powers” as a psychic or healer and they are “the chosen one.” We are all loved by the Divine the same. Psychic, mediums and healers like this can be very, very dangerous to mentally ill and/or hurting wealthy clients because they will take advantage of you every time.

No psychic or medium is going to tell you when you’re going to die in this lifetime. Only ‘the Divine’ knows that. If a psychic tells you a specific time-frame or age of when you’re going to die, or how you may die, that is just their ego talking to seem “all knowing.” We do have a few different “exit points” in this life of when we may potential pass away. Some exit points we pass and we never even realize it. Some will be very clear like a terrible car accident that we survive. I do believe that there have been close family members or people who have sensed when someone’s going to possibly die or be gravely hurt but that is very rare in reality. It’s usually a one time occurrence.

If someone is very nice, experienced, or popular they must automatically be a great healer or Reiki Master Teacher – FALSE. While there are many great energy healing practitioners and teachers out there, some are not true to the art of energy healing. Some are not ready to be a teacher, or they rarely do this movement of energy with clients. Or they aren’t proficient enough at it, but teach it anyway because it’s a way to make more money. Some psychics and healers claim to be experts at Energy but they give erroneous, illogical and archaic fear-based information in classes or to clients because they’re narcissistic, or not truly knowledgeable. Don’t believe anything that doesn’t resonate with you. Always question anything you want to of any healer or Reiki teacher, they should be open to this. 

The teacher or healer that you connect with the most is the right one for you. It’s become popular to become a Reiki Master, then to want to teach and certify people in it for A LOT of money. As with any New Age modality, just because someone has a “certification” in something does not make them an expert or good at it. Trust your gut instincts about them.

If a psychic, medium, healer, Reiki Master, New Age Teacher, Astrologer, Numerologist, etc., comes off as arrogant, all-powerful and/or has exorbitant rates then they must be the best, right? WRONG. If they are not respectful of you, your time, your investment or anything, don’t work with them. The more narcissistic someone is, then the more they are NOT a clear channel for information or healing because it becomes all about them, not you. They will give you bad information in a reading or session, or lackluster healing because they are out of energetic alignment and integrity.

To do readings, healing and teaching it’s about helping and serving another person for the client’s benefit. It’s a professional service and people charge for professional services. Every practitioner sets their own rates based on the value they believe they give their client – if they are in integrity and great at what they do, the client should get that value fully. It’s an energy exchange so someone should give something of value (money) to get the something of value in return (reading, healing or teaching). It’s not “wrong” to set a very low or very high rate, it’s just personal choice. The client then can choose if they want the service or not naturally.

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