Stacie Bannon

I love being a professional full-time psychic medium and emotional healer. It's a privilege to do what I love every day. I'm passionate about helping people to create a beautiful life for themselves on own their terms.

Every one of my readings is different and special because we are each a unique Soul with individual needs and desires. I do all of my readings from a place of integrity, accuracy, positivity and caring. I never judge people, we're all doing the best we can.

​All humans have a story to tell. We all want a better life for ourselves and the people we love. We all want happiness and connection. Most of all, I love making that connection with someone else.

​I lived in New York City for 13 years after high school graduation (loved it!), so I have a positive, open-minded perspective on life and embrace diversity. My sweet daughter was born in Queens, NY. We moved back to Omaha, NE when she was very little. ​

​I have read for clients that live all over the US, Canada, United Kingdom, ​Japan, Austria, Germany, Isreal, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Venezuela, Peru, and even Palestine so far.

Every professional psychic and medium has different psychic abilities, ways they do things, and beliefs. We are all different.

Welcome!I'm happy you are here

Top 50 Psychics & MEDIUMS 

Stacie Bannon was honored to be selected to be in the book, "Top 50 Psychics & Mediums in the US - 2016 Edition" by published author, Jennifur Diamond.

All featured Psychic Mediums were selected after rigorous testing, and doing interviews for a panel of New Age experts. No psychic paid to be in the book.

Stacie was the only Nebraska psychic medium to be contacted and featured!

Author Jennifur Diamond of Beverly Hills, CA, searched extensively to find the very best psychic mediums in the US that were not getting the exposure they deserved. 

My Story

I'm a natural born psychic medium and healer. I have family members that are or were in life highly intuitive. My sweet daughter is very psychic, but as a young adult she doesn't focus on it.

Ever since I was little, I knew that there was "more to life" than what we could see around us. I've had a strong connection with my intuitive abilities since being a young child. I was never scared of any metaphysical experiences like intuitive messages, departed souls or "weird" experiences, fortunately I just took it as a natural (and safe) part of life.

It's been very interesting studying and participating in so many different New Age subjects and activities for 35 years. I have a college degree in health care, graduating with honors. I firmly believe we should never stop learning, growing and seeking new perspectives.

Through a remarkable set of woo-woo experiences and synchronicities in early 2013, I discovered I was a psychic, and the mediumship started shortly afterwards. I honed my intuitive gifts and never looked back.

I have always been a very friendly, direct and honest person. My readings reflect the way I interact with people in life.

I love that relaxed and trusting vibe when I work with clients.

I can understand so much of my client’s pain, confusion and setbacks. I work with every one of my clients with an enormous amount of love, honesty and dedication.

I have done intuitive readings for friends, and even strangers, since I was a teenager and throughout adulthood, before I started reading professionally 7 years ago. Years ago, I didn’t realize I was “reading” for people when we talked for hours. I just thought I was friendly and helpful; but I now know I was connecting with their Spirit Guides and "reading" for them and that's why they always felt so much clearer and better afterwards.

It has always been an incredibly positive and rewarding experience for me to make that intimate connection with someone else.

I did not take any formal classes or had a mentor or teacher before becoming a professional psychic in 2013. A few years ago I took a some New Age classes to further my knowledge and experiences; and to meet new like-minded people. I've also taken classes with the The Arthur Findlay College in England, a center for Spiritualist philosophy, healing, New Age classes, and similar disciplines.

I believe the best teacher engages in life-long learning and personal growth, and is open to new ideas and concepts. 

I thoroughly enjoy helping others along their Spiritual/New Age path as a Spiritual Teacher. I love life and what I do as a calling. I feel very blessed every day. 

​​Thank you for taking the time to read about me! I would love to help you to create a life that you love on your own terms

Delivered thousands of individual psychic and mediumship readings for clients all over the US and the world

'Standing room only' audiences for public Mediumship Gallery Events and Metaphysical Lectures for the Uniquest/ Henry Foundation & other public events​ ​

Exemplary Akashic Record Reader

Featured Psychic Medium in the book, "Top 50 Psychics & Mediums in the US - 2016 Edition" by published Author, Jennifur Diamond

Psychic & Mediumship Development Teacher - Sold-out "Psychic Development" class series, and a popular Webinar series

Subject of Short Film Documentary about Mediumship

Formally a popular, internationally broadcast Psychic Radio Host on "A1R Psychic Radio Network" - with internationally known psychics on my show

Featured Guest on nationally broadcast Radio Shows of other prominent psychic/clairvoyants

My Credentials


"I received an Akashic Record Reading from Stacie and I have to say that it was life changing. I was a skeptic, I never had any psychic reading before, but Stacie was referred to me by a close friend. She is easy to understand and to feel comfortable with.

She was 100% accurate with private information about me no one else knows. She was able to explain many things to me about why some things happened to me and how to move forward to build a new life. I feel completely unburdened and renewed after spending 30 years struggling and feeling lost in many aspects of my life.

"Profound" is the best way to describe an Akashic Record Reading with Stacie. I would recommend her to anyone." 

Lorna Anderson -
Los Angeles, California