I’m a psychic medium, healer, writer, and spiritual teacher with a big heart. 

I've been keepin' it real since I could talk. I love being a psychic medium. It brings me a lot of happiness to help another person to get a better place and to heal. I have worked with thousands of clients. Welcome to my space.


It has been such an interesting journey being a professional intuitive and emotional healer. It's a privilege to do what I love every day. 

After being in New Age circles for 25 years on and off, I was comfortable with woo-woo world. In fact, I thought it was other people who were intuitive, not me. It was a surprise when this started for me in 2013. I would not trade a day of it.

I decided to plant myself where I could grow after high school graduation. I moved to New York City for 13 years and loved it, so I have a positive, open-minded perspective and embrace diversity. I bring my well-traveled life experiences to my work.

I have one sweet young adult daughter who was born in Queens, NY. We moved back to Omaha when she was little to be around my family.

Having a strong connection to my intuitive abilities since being a young child, I just took all the weird experiences I had as a natural and safe part of life. We are always guided and loved. I did not have a teacher or mentor when I started doing readings 10 years ago. I had to figure it out on my own.

When I started doing readings in 2013, I loved the connection I made with someone else, not just giving them guidance and hope. Connecting with people has always been something that I have loved.

The more someone opens to the reading during it, the more they get out of it. Once they know it is "real" they feel safe and get involved. That is where the magic happens.

I have done readings for people all over the US, in England, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Austria, Germany, Lebanon, Palestine, Peru, Argentina, Israel, Russia, and South Africa so far. My point is, that is our guides working to get us together. That is beautiful to me.


Since I opened and expanded my intuitive abilities there is a natural flow to my life I love.

I had a lot of happen to me over the last 8 years. Like my brother's passing and more. I have got through so much, taking the wisdom that I received and I move forward clear and happy. Our hardships don't need to stop us, they are meant to change our trajectory to get somewhere new and much better.

What I'm 


I love the change of seasons. It is like a fresh start. Many past clients come to me again because they trust me, that is affirming and I love that. I enjoy each day so much more since I live my spirituality.

What I'm 


I am learning to truly let go of what others think and do. That is about them, not me. That trips a lot of us up. I'm learning the older I get that it is a blessing to live a life in freedom and positivity.

What I'm 

not about

I am not about dishonesty or pretentiousness. I try to live authentically, and always with integrity. Judging others is hurtful to both, I stay away from that. I live and let live. I don't let others define me. 

what I


I 100% believe in what I do, and in reincarnation. I believe there is so much more to life then what we can see. I know Nature soothes and heals us. I also believe love and laughter are the highest energies.


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