Have you had a pet pass away that you would like to connect with once again? 

If you would like to connect with one or more pets who have passed away: a dog, cat, or horse, please only tell me what species they are, their breed, and the name you called them.

We will connect with them one at a time. Please let them convey what they want to.

This reading is a great time to express to your loved pet anything you need to get off your chest with them.

It does not matter how recently or long ago they passed away to connect with them now.

I connect with your departed pets, and pets who are leaving this world now.
  • This reading can help you find much healing and closure with a terminally ill or dying pet. Sometimes a pet owner wants to communicate with a pet that is at the end of their life, or has questions for their animal. 
  • Write your very specific questions down on paper and bring it to your session.
  • I will tell you exactly what I get from your beloved pet.

Please understand:

  • Connecting with a pet is different then a human. They express emotions, personality, memories, and simple validations you recognize, just whatever they want to. 
  • It is very healing and comforting to experience.
  • Please don't "test" me. Let go of any expectations, or very specific things they "must" convey to you.  You will receive validations they choose that you will recognize. 
  • Please relax, be open, and enjoy your reading.
  • You can connect with departed loved ones (people) also if you want to.
  • 1 person only. 

NOTE: I do not work with live lost or stolen pets, animal behavior issues, or diagnose animal illness.

Please call me at 402-937-4818 with any questions or to book your private Pet Reading.

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  • You can start with a 30 or 45-minute reading and decide to go longer during your session

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Readings offered in-person in private Omaha office, also by phone, and Zoom video

Readings offered in-person in private Omaha office, also by phone, and Zoom video

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