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psychic medium & akashic record reader

I help people to get the clarity and connection they need to move forward clear, healing, and happy.

I work with each client with expertise, dedication, and compassion. I meditate before every reading to be wide open and very clear channel. During a reading you're in a safe, nonjudgmental space, treated with honesty and respect. 

You will receive all the answers, guidance, and connection you need during your reading session. I’m here to help you get back to happiness. When you feel clarity and hope, you can start living a truly peaceful and satisfying life again. 

Receiving a reading with me is making an incredible investment in yourself and your life.

how do i do readings with clients?

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the details


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“On the other side of a storm is the strength that comes from having navigated through it. Raise your sail and begin.”

Private Psychic Medium Reading

You bring your questions to me so they all get addressed thoroughly for your life issues. You can also connect with departed loved ones or pets for healing and closure. You decide what you want to experience. 1 person only.

Mediumship Only Reading

A mediumship reading builds a bridge between our world and the "other side" for healing and peace. Your loved ones and Pets are just as excited to connect with you as you are with them. 1 - 4 clients connecting with the same loved ones.

Pet Psychic Reading

If you want to connect with a beloved pet who has passed away (or passing soon): a dog, cat, or horse, tell me only what their species is, their breed, and their name. Let them convey what they want to. 1 person only 

Akashic Record Reading

The Akashic Records are an energetic database filled with all the information about every Soul since it was made. Find out how you were made as a new Soul. Do some clearing work and get answers to your deeper-level questions.

Small Group Private Parties

Private Reading Parties have been very popular with clients over the years! There is laughter and tears. It is a beautiful shared experience for clients. They are for 4 to 8 guests to enjoy 90-minutes of psychic medium readings together.

Let's Work 

Reading Rates

30 MINUTES / $150
45 MINUTES / $200
60 MINUTES / $250
75 MINUTES / $300

+ Payment is due when you book your appointment to secure your session time

+ Call me at 402-937-4818 to book, I like to speak to clients personally. No online booking system

+ You can start with a 30, 45 or 60-minute reading and decide to go longer during your session

+ Cash, Card, PayPal & VEMNO are accepted. NO REFUNDS. You can reschedule your session if needed, no fees or hassles



PayPal Payment

30 minute Session
45 minute Session
60 minute Session
75 minute Session

Readings offered in-person in private Omaha office, and by phone, Facetime & Zoom video

policies / please read


“Getting a reading done with Stacie has been so reassuring to the direction my life is headed in...

Her presence and tenacity with her gift lets me know that she cares deeply about her clients and wants the highest good for them and all involved. You are truly 'one of a kind' and I’m blessed to have met you.“

— Jerica Glasper, Sales Manager, DALLAS, TEXAS

“As a reader myself, I am very fussy over who I trust my energy too. Stacie is just what the doctor ordered...

I feel lucky to have found her. She is one of the best I've met, and like I say - I'm a typical fussy but straight Brit. Thank you Stacie for everything but most of all for being you."

— Sheelaugh N., Energy Healer, LINCOLNSHIRE, ENGLAND

“Stacie’s ability to deliver the messages to implement that I needed to hear was incredibly powerful...

Stacie is truly a unique and effective psychic and healer who shifted me out of my muddy and unclear personal and business path and into a lane of clarity, confidence and focus.“

— Cindy Currie, Naturopath, NEW SOUTH WALES, AUSTRALIA

"The Holidays & our Departed Loved Ones" VIDEO

more videos coming soon

I believe in doing great work and being nice to people

I always treat clients with honesty and respect. Clients feel safe and connected with me when we start a session. My direct and warm approach during a readings is a comfort to you.

+ All clients interpret and act upon any information or guidance given on their own accord. Stacie Bannon is not responsible for any of your actions after a reading.​

​+ NO REFUNDS. All sales are final.  
In addition, should Stacie have to reschedule on account of sickness or an emergency, this does not qualify for a refund; she wants to provide her clients with the best possible experience, and she is not able to do her job correctly if she is not well. You will be rescheduled to your earliest availability. Stacie will add 15 minutes onto your session time for free if she has to cancel and reschedule. Thank you for understanding. 

+ All clients have six (6) months from purchase date to use their session.

+ CANCELLATION POLICY: There are no fees or hassles if you need to reschedule.

+ Readings are not a replacement for, or a supplant to Licensed Mental Health care or a Physician's care.

+ Consult your Physician for any health questions. Stacie Bannon does not give diagnosis as it is illegal to do so. 

+ Consult an Attorney for all legal advice or possible legal outcomes. Guides will answer specific questions you have for advice about a legal matter.

+ Stacie Bannon reserves the right to refuse service to anyone at any time.

​​+ All audio recordings of sessions are private recordings for the client to listen to only. They cannot be added to any social media site or used for any public use for any reason; Not in its entirety, portions of, or an edited recording with or without attribution.​


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