Looking for an intimate venue to get Readings together with family and friends?
You're in the right place.

Private Reading Parties have been very popular with clients over the years! There is laughter and tears. It is a beautiful shared experience for family and friends.

I am an outgoing, funny, and down-to-earth person. People always like me and feel safe with me. I have a decade of expertise as a psychic medium.

These parties are a great introduction to what a real psychic medium reading is like. I do an informative and interesting 10-minute introduction so guests feel comfortable and good about what to expect. I then start the 90-minutes of individual readings.

Please call me at 402-937-4818 with any questions or to book your private event.

private READING parties

here's the information:

You can add an extra 30-minutes of group readings to your party when you book, or after we have started.
$150 fee. Paid by cash, Venmo, or PayPal before I do the extra 30 minutes of readings.


$375 for 90-minutes of readings

+ $125 deposit by cash, card, Venmo, or PayPal only is required when you book your private party. This is non-refundable, but it can be applied towards a private reading for the host if you have to cancel. You can reschedule your Party one time at no charge.

+ The remaining $250 is due in CASH before the party starts when you arrive.

+ Please plan on for up to 2 hours for your Private Reading Party.

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday: 6:00 PM - 9:30 PM
Saturday: 4:00 PM - 9:30 PM

Only one Private Reading Party available each week.
Please call me at 402-937-4818 with any questions

Your event is done in your home or private venue in Omaha, or in my current office (up to 4 people). I also have access to a larger space in Omaha at no extra charge.


CHOICE ONE: This is for 4 - 6 guests to enjoy private readings in a small, intimate group setting.

  • Each guest will receive a 13-15 minute reading if 6 guests; or up to a 20-minute reading if less guests.
  • Only guests who are getting a reading can attend the party.
  • Guests can ask specific questions that they need answers and guidance for, or connect with a specific departed loved one. They will decide what they want to experience.
  • Please prepare your guests so they know what they want during their reading.
  • All readings are done in a group setting.

CHOICE TWO: This is for 5 - 8 guests to enjoy private readings in a small, intimate group setting.

  • Each mediumship reading will be about 10-20 minute long.
  • This type of party is a great choice for family members to connect with departed loved ones together because you will have many of the same people you want to connect with together.
  • There is not a guaranteed individual reading for every guest.
  • Only guests who are interested in getting a reading can attend the party, not people who "just want to watch."
  • Please prepare your guests so they know who they want to connect with during the readings.
  • All readings are done in a group setting.

When you host or attend a Private Reading Party you get 15% OFF a 45 or 60-minute private session or Gift Certificate purchased within ONE WEEK of your READING GALLERY. 


+ I take a 10-minute break outside halfway through. This does not take up any of your 90-minutes of reading time.

+ Please only invite quests who are open-minded and positive about psychics, and psychic medium readings.

+ Only guests attending and participating in the party in the home. Please have all the people you live with go out for the evening to somewhere fun from before I arrive and until after I leave. If this is not possible, please find another place to have your private party

+ All guest must be 21-year-old and older. This is an adult gathering. Hosts usually have appetizers and alcoholic drinks for guests. I ask for guests to please drink alcohol very lightly or not at all for the party.

+ Guests can voice record their own private reading for themselves

+ I do not do corporate events, Halloween parties, bachelorette parties, birthday parties, or any event that is for entertainment value. I am not an entertainer. I love what I do and have been an established psychic medium for a decade.