My reading style is honest, compassionate and very direct. You can trust that you will get all the accurate answers and guidance you need to move forward clear and confident.
​Clients bring their specific questions to the session.

​There is a natural flow to a reading because your Master Spirit Guide knows exactly what you need to help you the most.

Please write down your most important questions first, or schedule a longer reading session if needed.​

​I tell you exactly what your Guide says. I won’t tell you something untrue or watered-down to make you feel better temporarily. That is unethical and harmful. A reading is about the Truth.

You must take new actions to get new results for yourself after you get your guidance.

​Even when the answer you get is not what you want to hear, your guides always give accurate information as to WHY that's the answer, and how YOU can most effectively deal with everything moving forward. A private session is so incredibly helpful and healing to my clients.


I work with clients from all over the world. My expertise is delivering accurate messages so you can build a happy and satisfying life for yourself ON YOUR OWN TERMS.

Get back to what feels good and on purpose. My clients frequently come to me in pain and confusion and walk out feeling lighter, more whole, happier and clear.

     Specific life issues: receive accurate answers and guidance about ANYTHING going on in your life now, and for the near future.
     Relationship issues: your            love talking about relationships.
     Career issues/questions; for your own personal business also.
     If you’re an Empath, Healer, psychic or medium with questions about how to deal with it effectively and successfully - personally or professionally.
     Helping clients who feel stagnant, lost, or grief.
     Giving clarity, direction and validation regarding where you are going and what you want - or about a situation.
     Emotional healing: You will find out very effective ways to heal your emotional wounds​.

Areas of expertise:


Spirit Guides 

You will find I am very direct and honest, but easy to approach and work with.

If you're done with guess-work and want to get real answers, reach out.

(ONE person only)

30 minutes / $125
45 minutes / $175
60 minutes / $225

​You can connect with departed loved ones also if you want to during your private Psychic Reading.

​You can start with a 30 or 45-minute session and decide to go for longer during your session.

You pay at the time you book your appointment to secure your session time.

NO refunds. All sales are final. ​

"she is the best"

"Stacie Bannon was the first psychic that I have had the encounter with. She has the greatest personality. I had goosebumps and a lot of tears. She is the best. I will definitely meet with her again."

Heather Dunn - Bennington, NE