Private Psychic Medium Readings

This reading is for one person. Two best friends can get there own private readings done together in-person. I am here to help you.

You bring your specific questions to the session and/or you can connect with your departed loved ones if you want to. You decide what you want to experience.

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Stacie Bannon

My reading style is compassionate, honest, and direct. You can trust that you will get everything you need during your reading, and in a positive and clear manner.

You bring your specific questions to me, so they all get addressed thoroughly. This is most effective way to do it. You are intelligent and know why you need to see me. Everything your Master Spirit Guide tells me is given to you. They will bring up what they need to on their own. Some of your questions may get answered by your Guide before you can ask them once we start.

Your most urgent challenges do have answers and guidance. The point to a professional reading is to help you so that you can move forward with ease and confidence.

Connecting with departed loved ones through mediumship is healing and brings needed closure. You say one at a time who you want to connect with. I love doing mediumship because of the immense inner peace it brings my clients. 

If you're looking for:

accurate guidance for your issues

Ask about any challenges you are experiencing now that you want answers for, and for the near future. Guides are detailed in their answers and insight.


How to deal with it effectively and successfully - personally or professionally. Questions about your own intuitive abilities and how to expand them.

info about your guides or past lives

Find out about your Spirit Guide team. PAST LIFE curiosity, these experiences are told by the Akashic Records. Ask about experiences you have had, or anything.

ready for more?

Reading Rates

30 MINUTES / $150
45 MINUTES / $200
60 MINUTES / $250

  • Payment is due when you book your session to secure your appointment time
  • There is no online booking system. I like to speak to clients personally
  • You can start with a 30 or 45-minute session and decide to go longer during it
  • Cash, Card, PayPal & Venmo are accepted
  • No refunds. You can reschedule your session if needed, no fees or hassles

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​"I want to thank Stacie for my 2 readings. She helped me with my difficulties and issues, and because of her accurate answers and advice my life was much better within 6 months. She was recommended by a friend in the US and Stacie was worth the money. It was a great investment I made in myself. I have recommended her to friends in South Africa also. They loved Stacie. I appreciate all of your assistance and kindness Stacie. Dankie! (thank you)."


"It was a great investment I made in myself. I have recommended her to friends in South Africa also."

 I can actually say I’m enjoying my life. I have never been able to say that before."

"I was a little set back when I left her office. I didn’t believe some of the things that I had to do, but my life was crazy, my marriage was a disaster. I thought, well, what she said was a lot out of my comfort zone but what else is there. I believe it has been about six months and I did everything Stacie had suggested and I can actually say I’m enjoying my life. I have never been able to say that before. Thanks Stacie for helping me find my joy. See you soon."

— misty - LINCOLN, NE

Embrace Your Life

No person has one “Soul Purpose.” ​​Before we incarnate we have many things they want to try to experience. Some will be very important to us on a Soul-level, but there is not only one focus or “purpose” in any lifetime. Think of how many diverse aspects there are to our lives. What we want to experience on a Soul-level in this lifetime will change and evolve during our life. We also do not have never-ending "life lessons" to learn. Embrace your gift of 'free will' to create a life you love now.

seriously, happiness feels pretty good