Yes! I have connected with and talked to thousands of departed loved ones for countless people, myself included. When we pass away, we have the same 'Soul connections' that we had in our lifetime with people who are alive on Earth. Our departed loved ones are still around us every day and connect with us every time we need them, regardless of whether you "feel" them or not.

PLEASE never give any money to (or listen to) any Medium that says they need to "help" your departed loved one because they are "lost", "stuck somewhere" or "in danger" etc. It is a SCAM, or the 'medium' has no idea of what really happens when we die. We are perfectly fine after passing. We do not need any help with anything.

All of your loved ones are together (I get asked that a lot), no one is separated. They do many things in "the Divine" besides visit us every day and see each other. During your reading they can give you guidance, answers to questions, express their unconditional love for you, and will communicate what they want or need to.

Please do not spoon feed me information before or during your session. It's my job as a high-level medium to give you information from the departed Souls you wish to connect with. 

mediumship faq's

Can we really connect with our departed loved ones?

No, they are not. Once we leave this physical body we are freed from the human feelings of negativity, anger, guilt, disappointment, emotional or physical pain, confusion and all the rest. They can feel remorse and want to make amends - but they are not attached to the painful depths of these emotions we as humans are. They still have their own opinions about stuff, but it's not of a negative or angry nature, even if they tended to be negative in life. Our loved ones have gone back their 'home' between lives where they feel unconditional love, serenity, learning and healing.

No one comes back to connect with someone they love (or even knew for a short time) to say they are still mad that you spilled paint on the couch at 8 years-old, or holding any grudges, resentments or negative emotions. They have taken full accountability after physical death for all of their actions in their life during their nonjudgmental "Life Review" and feel blissful and whole again, and received all the healing they need.

Departed loved ones also see the things that happened to them during their lifetime in a purposeful, nonjudgmental and objective way (without all the painful, negative human emotions clouding it). They understand that you and others make mistakes, have your own great pain and confusion, and we are just doing our best while on Earth.

We have all had many lifetimes of good and bad - so there is NO judgment, anger, rejection, disappointment, expectations of what you should or should not do, anger, resentment, etc., towards us from our departed ever.

Are our departed loved ones ever still hurting, angry, confused or sad?

Fortunately, they give me validations to let you know who they are. Their personality and emotions always come through, and sometimes a physical description, how many children you have or they had, around how long ago they passed away, tell, or show me something that is specific to you or to them that I would have no way of knowing, examples of what they did or liked while they were alive, something you have of theirs, just so many ways.

Only sometimes they tell me how they passed away when you already know. BUT they may tell how they died if you honestly do not know and ask me to ask them. I have no idea why. Please understand any medium would drown in information if we had to get every detail they wanted to share with you. Departed loved ones are always truly kind and good to me as a medium. I love doing mediumship.

Normally all your departed loved one's validations will be truly clear immediately. Our departed loved ones still have 'free will' to express what and how they want to. If Grandma was very feisty in her lifetime, she will come through the same way to talk to you now, so you recognize her. They can be funny, emotional, healing, encouraging, etc.

I ask you to keep an open mind and let go of any set expectations. While I try extremely hard to understand the specific validations they give, do not waste your session testing me or expecting me to mention something awfully specific because you are in resistance and focused on one thing. Please enjoy the time connecting with your loved ones. It is your sacred time to connect with them, do not miss the real validations they do give. 

How will I know it's my departed loved ones you're speaking with?

Definitively, NO. I feel bad when anyone gives others the false belief that we go to separate places after death, like a punishment or for any reason. People who committed suicide do not come through like a heavy or different energy, or in a different place, or always sad or upset. "The Divine," The Source, or God - whatever your belief is - loves us all the same. We are never judged or punished; every Soul is deeply loved and special.

We ALL go to the same place and there is NO separation based on anything - religion, culture, location, misdeeds; or how we died, etc. There is no such thing as hell, demons, possessions, evil entities, lost angry Souls, etc. That is Hollywood, or psychic mediums with archaic fear-based beliefs, or they are trying to defraud you.

That would a punishment and horrible to be "lost" after life, or hanging around unhappy or full of rage, and there is no concept of punishment with the Divine. The reason we are born each lifetime is for our own Soul to experience being a human on Earth once again. And to love and be loved in return.

We're here to engage in the human experience as individual Souls which "the Divine" knows can be extremely hard, yet incredibly beautiful and rewarding also. The Earth is our playground. We always come with our team of 5-8 Spirit Guides and a team of personal Angels. That is how loved we are. Everyone has 'free will' to make 100% of our own choices while we are here so some people struggle more with life; with the good and bad choices they make, and with what happens to them, yet we are all loved and cherished the same.

Souls that were very harmful and heinous to others go through a nonjudgmental 'Life Review' after physical death, like all Souls do. Like all Souls they take full accountabilities for all their actions in this lifetime. No one is ever afraid to go to their life review, that is just false beliefs systems to believe otherwise.

We all go over every single experience we had during our life at our Life Review after passing, to examine everything in a nonjudgmental and non-punitive way. We thoroughly discuss what we could have done different and why we made the choices we did. We also find out why others did what they did that we did not know at the time (with no judgement). We also talk about all the good we did in life; and the good and life-saving things we did for others that we had no idea in life of the massive impact we made on them and their life. This process is reflective, healing, and positive. Every Soul gets as much healing as they need after their Earthly lifetime.

It is believed by some that if a Soul comes back more than one lifetime doing horrible things to others, after their Life Review and during healing, 'the Divine' will take out the tiny portion of the Soul that keeps making horrific choices so they can be free of that. 

Do people go to a different place who were suicides, or very harmful to others in this lifetime after physical death?

No, we have done this so many times and "death" is an incredibly natural and beautiful process for each Soul. Every Soul is always accompanied by their Master Spirit Guide, an amazing number of Angels, and their departed loved ones at physical death.

We are never alone, frightened, angry, or surprised when we die. It is a conscious choice on a Soul-level to take an “exit point” to leave this life. It is a huge orchestration. Nothing would change it! When the Soul (person) decides to leave this life, it does not matter what you wish you would have done, nothing at all would have changed it.

No departed Soul is “afraid” to crossover and go to their nonjudgmental Life Review. Any fear or beliefs they had in life would be gone as soon as they died. And everyone goes to the same beautiful place as I said before.

Our departed loved ones are NEVER attached to HOW they die. No one is. We do not mourn or are upset after death about how we left this Earth. We have had so many lifetimes and died in so many ways, so we are always okay. That is a huge misconception in the New Age world.

There are no "lost Souls," even if people believe that the departed Soul is saying they do not know where they are or are "stuck" (etc.), like in an old house or "haunted" place they are appearing. The ghost hunters or medium "talking" to the departed Souls personal belief systems are so strong that they can only see them as lost or scared, etc. There is no truth to those beliefs.

‘The Divine', the Angels, and every departed Soul's Master Spirit Guide always knows where each loved Soul is after death.


Are we ever alone or scared when we die?

For your benefit you may want to wait at least a few weeks to make an appointment with me after the passing of a friend or family member because we are terribly upset normally right after the passing. I have never had a loved one not come through no matter how long ago or recently they passed.

I have clearly connected with departed loved ones two days after passing. When I first started doing mediumship years ago, when I connected with my friend's male friend who died two weeks before, he looked like beautiful swirling energy to me - and I saw two of his departed loved ones who had passed before him watching him. His grandfather who passed a month before him was watching him, and then his grandmother who passed a year before that was watching them both.

My mediumship has greatly evolved since then, but it was so comforting and amazing to see that myself.

We still have 'free will' even after passing, so it is common and perfectly okay for a Soul to stay around longer after passing if they want to comfort family and friends and visit various places until choose to cross over. This would only be for a few weeks at most. No Soul goes directly to the Divine, this is a very natural process. 

How long do I have to wait to see you (a medium) after someone I want to connect with has passed away?