Spirit Guides are nonjudgmental, highly evolved Souls who are assigned to us before we are born to help nudge and guide us through life. Many Spirit Guides are with us to patiently and lovingly guide us in this life in a way that is fulfilling and abundant. While we are always loved, protected and helped by our guides, we are the powerful creators of our own life.

We have “free will” so our guides don't force us to do anything, we make 100% of our own choices, but they do always try to help and guide us to create a satisfying life.

Our relationship and connection with our Spirit Guides is sacred and a great honor for both of us. Spirit Guides never judge us, give up on us, or get exasperated with us; they only deeply love us. They've had many lifetimes so they know what it is to be human.

We do NOT get a whole new guide team (meaning our Master Guide and second in command) every lifetime as believed by many. Why would we? Almost 8 billion humans on the planet and a new team has to be formed with every birth? That is illogical, and would be completely inefficient and unnecessary.

Your Master Guide has chose to express their Soul as your Master Guide for a long time, just as you choose to be "you" as a human in this incarnation. This may be a popular concept but it is inaccurate.

Our Spirit Guides are not our departed loved ones or ancestors. Our departed loved ones can help us and give us messages also.

Spirit Guides are also different from the “Angels” around us. Angels have never incarnated as humans in lifetimes, they have no need to. Many believe they can take human form when needed - for example, to comfort someone if they are seriously injured and alone.

Angels are the closest vibrationally and spiritually to "the Divine," Higher Power or God – whatever your conception of the Divine is. We can be helped by Angels in many ways; they protect, help and deeply love us. Angels have an incredibly huge and loving energy. We each have an Angel team that works with us (Guardian Angels), but psychics connect with your Spirit Guides for your intuitive information. That’s what your guides are there for.

We all have one Master Spirit Guide who is with us throughout this entire lifetime and who has been with just you for many many lifetimes. They also help you between lives. They only work with you.

Your Master Spirit Guide is not reincarnating anymore because they don't have a need to. They have chosen to become a Master Spirit Guide as how they want to express their Soul and Soul's existence.

​Everyone humans Master Spirit Guide and your Childhood Spirit Guide are there at your birth which is a huge celebration.

Your other guides join your personal Spirit Guide team throughout your childhood, adolescence and adulthood. We usually have from 5 to 8 Spirit guides on our personal team as adults, and also an Akashic Record guide. They start coming onto our 'team' when we are young children, new guides coming in separately over time as we grow up and start using more of our ability of 'free will,' or need extra help.

​We all also have a "second in command", a junior Master Guide who works closely with our Master Guide and who works only with you, and they have in other lifetimes also.

Spirit Guides have had many physical lifetimes on Earth themselves (in the past) to relate to and understand what we go through. Some Spirit Guides will stay with you for a very long time. No human alive is also a Spirit Guide.

As you grow up other Spirit Guides will come in to help you with a specific area of your life, traumatic situation, or help with whatever you are going through and leave when their task is accomplished. A new guide can then come in then if needed. Some of your helping Spirit Guides may be only guiding you at that time, or they may be on the “panel” for other people as well.

Your guides are always with you. They tune in to your unique Divine Source 'life force energy' (Soul energy) to lovingly help you through life.

We each have a Childhood Spirit Guide and an Akashic Record Guide.
- We have a guide for being a parent, a guide helping with our work life, our love life & relationships & friendships, our creative side, our intuitive side. Also, a guide who assists with our learning or education, our grief when someone dies, or own healing abilities, etc. A Guide can help us with more then one area. Their assistance can be practical and spiritual in nature. Your Master Spirit Guide is "in charge" of your team.

Our guides are at varying levels of higher consciousness themselves. They will all be highly evolved Souls and some may be a guide "in training" to become a Master Spirit Guide.

Our Guides will appear to have a distinct male or female energy; they choose the gender and their “physical appearance” they feel you will connect with them best in this lifetime. Some people with see them as beautiful orbs of light energy, but most people see them as “human” in appearance.

Some people even believe that their personal Spirit Guides are Jesus, mother Mary Magdalene, a well-known Saint, an Archangel, or Buddha, etc. Spirit Guides are NOT these deities or “supernatural beings.” They are a Soul just like you and I, having many previous lifetimes on Earth like us.

Every single Spirit Guide is a completely unique Soul with their own distinct personality and attributes (like us).

For example, my Master Spirit Guide who has been seen/felt by many people is a very laid back Polynesian male guide named ‘Playa’, who has a good laugh, and is very tan, tall and bigger in build. We usually “see” or sense them as whomever their last incarnation on Earth was, or how they think we will understand and connect with them best.

Some believe that our Spirit Guides don't help us if we don't ask them for help, (not true). Or if we do not believe they exist or know how to connect with them consciously, etc. None of that is true, and it would negate the point to having Spirit Guides to help us from Divine Source in the first place. This applies to Angels also.

Spirit Guides don't have human ego's, rejecting anyone who doesn't pay attention to them. To believe that guides only help the people who ask for help or know they exist and can consciously connect with them is like saying only "the chosen few" get assistance from their guides and that's not the way it works. So 15 billion guides are playing golf like it is a lifetime off work? That is not how it works.

Your guides are helping you specifically because you chose them as a Soul in 'the Divine' before incarnating in conjunction with higher-level guides. Your Master Guide would have chose you, and you choose them, (both with assistance from higher up) as a young Soul or even from when you were created as a new Soul.

​Every person has a team of Spirit Guides (and a personal Angel team) to help them throughout every lifetime and in between lives, whether they believe in them or not. You’re not “offending” your guides or anything like that if you were unaware of them.

​Also, no one can "fire" a guide they mistakenly believe is not helping them enough; our guides are highly competent and vibrate much higher then we do. As our ‘vibration rate’ naturally goes up, so does our Spirit Guides in conjunction. The belief to replace guides when we want to comes from a place of ego, and it's not possible to do so, or ever necessary. 

As you begin your journey to uncover your own unique psychic abilities, you may not at first be aware of who your Spirit Guides are and how they can help you. That’s okay. You can begin by talking to them, feeling their presence, asking them for help and guidance.

Know that your guides are very loving Souls that are excited to be able to assist you. The more you work with them, the stronger your connection and ability to understand them will become. They are always tuning in to you to help you whether you're aware of them or not.

Connecting with our Spirit Guides is highly beneficial to us because they are where most of our intuitive information comes from besides our 'higher self.' Our lives become richer, more serene, and we feel a sense of flow in our efforts and life.

They will never be misleading, deceptive or judgmental. Their only goal is to love and help guide you through your life to help you to be aligned with the true nature and energetic qualities (personality) of your Soul; to help you with the things you want to do in this lifetime.

Start your journey now to deeply connect with your Spirit Guides so you can find the intuitive brilliance, joy and peace so many people have found connecting with their own Master Spirit Guide, and other guides that are working with them.

Spirit Guides can see what’s going on in our lives, and when it’s time for them to actually guide and/or intervene they have several ways they can accomplish this.

#1. Intuitive insight. Guides can send you flashes of intuition which may sound like a voice in your head (clairaudience) like “don't go there!” and then you find out the party went badly. Or a feeling of “he’s lying to you” and you find out later he was. You can get a gut feeling about something to guide you, (clairsentience). It may be a picture in your head, short movie or symbol with meaning (clairvoyance), a "knowing" (claircognizance). These are thoughts and feelings that appear to come out of nowhere but which contain important information you'll want to notice. Many people tune out their intuition, but it’s a valuable source of information
#2. Sending signs. Guides can arrange synchronicity to help alert you to something you need to see or know about. Pay attention to those when they happen. When you keep seeing the same number sets, movie, song, or a saying or quote keeps popping up. Or a stranger says something very meaningful and a light bulb goes on over your head, repeating numbers, or in a movie something said clicks, seeing something validating 2 or 3 times in a short time, etc. Those can be signs from your guides.

#3. Arranging and nudging. Guides can also nudge you in the direction they would like you to experience or arrange for something to happen to you. For example, you go to a new yoga class and end up at the wrong studio but stay anyway. You make some new friends and it changes everything. Guides can only arrange so much or nudge so hard because we have 'free will' to make our own decisions. The more you can pick up on their signs, the better.

#4. Sending people into your life. Your guides sometimes get together with other people’s guides and together they try to create a meeting between the soul's they are guiding. Maybe you are thinking about someone from long ago and then you see them in the coffee shop later that day. Chance encounter? Probably not. Or perhaps you were thinking about getting a needed makeover and you run into your old hair stylist friend in the grocery store. If it feels like a coincidence, consider that it might be more of an arrangement from your guides.

Wouldn't it be great if your guides could just tap you on the shoulder and just tell you what’s really going on? If they could tell you what to watch out for or what to avoid? For some people that’s almost how it works when they are attuned to and feel a connection with their guides. It just takes time and practice to be able to sense, hear, see or talk to your guides.

Please understand that our guide's role is not to give us every piece of information we ask for (even as a psychic!), or do our work for us, because that would negate our 'free will' by making us "puppets on a string" by directing our lives. Every human consciously create our own life by the choices we make using our gift of free will.


- Meditate daily (or as often as you can). Do a meditation where you imagine yourself going to a room or a garden and ask your guide(s) to appear before you, sit with you, and chat. Just see what they say. Or visualize whatever feels right to you. There are many online resources, guided meditations on YouTube, and local classes on meditation (some free).

- Walking or sitting in Nature is meditative for some people. In time your connection will become stronger, and the information you get will be more accurate and applicable to your life.

- Listen to your intuition. That little voice or gut feeling that tells you to “slow down” or “buy milk” or “take notice of the man in front of you” is a direct communication from your guides. Or it may be a picture or symbol that has meaning, a dream, "knowing" like a computer download of info (very simple to significant), etc.

- Try listening to your intuition and see what results you get. If something doesn't feel right, it probably isn’t. At the very least, use your gut feelings to protect and keep yourself safe.

Do not mistake your ego for your intuition. If you're hearing thoughts like, “Don't even try for that job promotion, you'll never get it," then that’s your ego. Let it go. The first instinct/feeling you get is your intuition (a message from your guides). If you start talking yourself into or out of something after that first instinct - that is your ego so recognize it and dismiss it. Trust your first gut feeling or intuitive insight when it hits.

- Feeling your guides' presence. If you feel someone very loving and supportive is near you (and it doesn't feel like a departed loved one), it may be your Master Spirit Guide or another guide. My experience, and talking to many other people is that you usually connect with your Master Spirit Guide first. Ask a question and "feel" if you get an answer. Don't worry if it's a voice, picture in your head, feeling, "knowing," etc.

Be open and see how you communicate with them naturally without expectations. Ask for validations that you will notice for confirmation. This can be seeing a bird you like, feathers, a song, sequence of numbers, just anything that will stand out to you. You don't have to ask for any 'sign' in particular, just a sign you will recognize and preferable to not have exact expectations.

It normally takes a little time and practice to really get used to their presence, then to consistently get messages and guidance directly from your guides like you're speaking with a friend. Please be patient, positive and open. It's worth it!

You should know that if you have a question for you Spirit Guides - ask it! You will always receive an answer. It may not happen the instant you ask the question, but more often than not, I get an answer within 24 hours. You just need to be open to receiving your answer. After you start noticing a sign you may get physical symptoms to go with it. For example, when I receive a sign I can usually feel a pulsing/pressure sensation between my eyebrows (third eye chakra). It lets me know there's something I need to see, or confirms that what I'm seeing is not a coincidence if I'm questioning it.

I sometimes ask my Guides when I can't find something - and then pay attention to what my 'gut' says after ... they often guide me to where the object is. I always thank them when I find it.

Journal. (automatic writing). A method I recommend to a lot of people is to write on a piece of paper some questions you'd like to ask your guides. Leave a few inches between questions so you have space to write answers. Be quiet and meditative and write the answers you hear or feel are right. Keep going as if you're having a conversation with them.

It may seem like you're just writing answers from your imagination, but keep going and let go of doubt. When you get to a point where the answers you're getting sound like a more prominent voice in your head and different than the usual mind chatter, take notice of what they say. A benefit of this approach is being able to refer back to it later.

Dream. One of the best ways to meet and connect with your guides is to meet them in your dreams. Open your dreams up to them. You can put out the intention every night to see and connect with your guides in your dreams, you can say this out loud to them. It may take a while, but it will may eventually work.

Our guides regularly work with us while we are sleeping in dreams. We don't often remember it but they help us to sort out things, comfort us and give us guidance and answers.

You can write down a question for your guides before you go to sleep, keeping the notepad and pen by your bed. Think of them before you go to sleep to see if you dream about them or get answers. Write down whatever you're thinking about when you first wake-up, or during the night.

Ask a reputable psychic or medium who sees Spirit Guides. Not all do; all psychics and mediums have different abilities. I can tell you who your Master Spirit Guide is (male or female energy, physical & personality description, only sometimes names), and about a few of the other guides you have around you in a psychic reading.


Their "name" will resonate with you and the guide will confirm it. It may be their name from one of their past lives or a name that simply connects them to you in this life. It's NOT necessary to know their "name" first to connect with them to have a very positive and beneficial connection with your guides. They have had many different names in all their earthly incarnations.

As humans we have a need to label or have a specific name so we feel better able to identify with and give value to someone. Your guides know YOU as a Soul and everything about all your many earthly incarnations and everything you're experiencing in this life.

After you focus on asking your Master Guide their name, if you get a name that you do not associate with anyone else once or a few times and it resonates with you, then ask the guide if that is their name. If you get a yes or positive response in any way - then call them that. Keep it simple and positive. Enjoy getting to know your guides.

No psychic or medium is sincerely going to get all of your Spirit Guides names in a reading. This is a just a gimmick to seem "all knowing" - it's dishonest and disrespectful to the client but some still do it. They look up names online to give fake varied guide's "names" to clients.

Like all people, some psychics are very good at remembering names in general, and they can be better at getting guides names (or departed loved ones) during sessions, but they will not get every one. Nor is it required.

Psychics who are aren't good with names in regular life don't often get names. There is no correlation with being a better psychic if you get names or if you don't.

Some Spirit Guide's names are more like an energetic signature, it would be like trying to give a name to a lightning bolt. Some guides prefer the person they are guiding to get the name on their own. Myself and many other psychics have had Master Spirit Guides tell us that their name will be discovered by the client in their own, like a private interaction. The client's Master Guide tells us this in a very loving and patient way.


You will know by the results you get. Does the guidance resonate with you? Do you feel like it’s coming from them and not you? Do you create what you want when you pay attention to signs and gut feelings, etc? Do you get great results when you listen to their guidance? If the answers to these questions are “yes” then you are on the right track!