You're the powerful creator of your life. You have the gift of 'free will' to create your life through your choices and actions. Start really understanding and embracing that. How badly do you want your life to feel good to you again? Working with me is making an incredible investment in yourself and your life. 

When I do Mediumship, I work with clients who really want to move past deep grief to find peace and closure by connecting with their departed loved ones again. This is an invaluable service to all of my clients.

The Psychic Reading clients I help have real issues going on in their life and they are willing to help themselves after getting the needed guidance, answers and direction, one step at a time. They see huge positive changes in their life where they were struggling before. Please understand that clients who want magical answers to their problems, and only want to only hear what they want to, are not clients any psychic can help.

My private clients that I work with on their personal businesses have seen enormous growth in their companies. I have a wonderful business-owner client (based in in Hawaii) that I have worked with for 3 years. They are getting a check for $25 million to buy their business next month. They worked for 5 years on this. They put in the hard work, but according to them, the concise and accurate business guidance they received from me was invaluable to their company's amazing journey.

My strength as a reader comes from my emotional healing abilities, and the ability to be the highest accurate and clear channel of information.

By healing our emotional wounds, and clearing out our self-doubt and confusion, every client can start living a radiant and empowered life. You need accurate answers, guidance and clarity to do that, and then you can take new actions to get new excellent results.

Are you ready to start living a life you love?

Here is what you can expect:

+  Readings can be voice recorded by you. Phone readings can be recorded automatically through a free conference call.

+  Direct all of your medical and health questions to your Physician. It's illegal to give medical diagnosis or medical advice.

​+  Consult an attorney for all legal questions or for possible outcomes of legal matters.

+  Every reading is completely CONFIDENTIAL​.

+  NO nonsense talk of getting rid of "curses or spells", or banishing the "evil / negative spirit around you", or offers to magically bring a love interest back to you - all for a lot of money. I treat all of my clients with respect and as intelligent adults.

+  Never give a psychic, medium, healer, spiritual advisor (or the like) your jewelry, possessions, barter an excessive amounts of your professional services, etc., to work with them. You do not ever need to buy anything to "protect" or "save" you, or have candles lit for you for money, etc.  These are all scams - and a reputable and honest New Age expert/healer would never ask for these things.

I work with complete honesty and directness with each client to bring them back to a space of clarity, balance and empowerment.

You will receive highly accurate answers, guidance and direction to all of your specific questions, and questions about the near future.

Connecting with your departed loved ones is a very positive and moving experience, receive real validations​ and healing.

All my reading are different and special because every client is a unique Soul with different needs, desires and potential​.

Be open to the reading and all guidance. LET GO of any expectations​​. My role is not to tell you what you want to hear, it's to be a clear channel of accurate information.

All psychic mediums do readings very differently. I'm an expert at doing professionals readings, you're in great hands.


​I have clients from all over the US and the world who have worked with me over time and are now living an empowered life that is satisfying and fulfilling. They deal with whatever comes up so much more productively and positively.

It’s the positive and transformational shift in how they see themselves, and the life they are creating. It's NOT magic, it's getting accurate answers and guidance, and then taking one step at a time to real results.

I receive your concise answers and guidance from your Spirit Guides to all of your questions. I don't read your body language or make guesses. I'm not a mind-reader. I won’t know every bit  of information about you or your situation because would be info overload and is unneeded and unhelpful.

​Your Spirit Guides know exactly what you want and need during your session for your highest success in life, and I’m an expert at giving you their information.

I do not use Tarot cards, pendulums, "reading your aura", or any divination tools to do my professional psychic readings. I prefer the most accurate and effective route of expert direct communication with your Master Spirit Guide.